Lunch and Learn: How to stand with big brands with a big mission

Nisa Shah
Nisa ShahSleep Organic

Posted: Wed 21st Jul 2021

Watch back: How to stand with big brands with a big mission

Nisa Shah is the founder of Sleep Organic, a company wholly dedicated to top-quality, organic, Fairtrade bedding – from roots to shoots. With a passion for ethical business, Nisa uses her knowledge of the environmental impact of farming and manufacturing to navigate her business mission.

Watch back this recorded Lunch and Learn to hear Nisa discuss the importance of measuring profit from an organic perspective, as well as highlight the difference Sleep Organic has made from field, to factory, to everyday life.

Nisa Shah
Nisa ShahSleep Organic
Nisa Shah, co-founder, Sleep Organic. Certified Organic and Fairtrade premium Cotton Bed linen. I grew up with the staccato sounds of sewing machines - one of my most cherished childhood memories. To this day it evokes in me a fondness which feels almost therapeutic. My mother stitched clothes and bed linen for all our family and I was a part of this process from a very early age. I used to carry big bundles of cotton to the spinning machine to make it fluffy and fresh for new duvet fillings for the new season - I still remember the earthy odour of cotton. I learned from mother to buy the best quality produce. My love of cotton and bed linen reawakened and so my partner and I started Sleep Organic - where Luxury Meets Sustainability!  The environment matters to us and good quality sleep is the key to a happy day.   

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