Lunch and Learn: How to make the most of the Christmas period

Isabella Venour
Isabella VenourMindStyle Ltd

Posted: Mon 31st Oct 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, Isabella Venour, marketing consultant, mindset coach and founder of Mindstyle Ltd, explains how the Christmas season can be an unmissable opportunity to attract new business and foster relationships with existing clients. 

Isabella's mission is to help entrepreneurs become the narrators of their own stories. While searching for more purpose and time freedom in her own life, she created MindStyle.com, which combines her experience in marketing along with mindset coaching to turn clients' ideas and passions into successful businesses and lives they love.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover ways to use Christmas as an authentic marketing hook for attracting clients and making sales

  • Develop your growth mindset, helping you to become more resilient to next year's challenges

  • Delve into your business's wins and weaknesses so you can plan confidently for the year to come

Isabella Venour
Isabella VenourMindStyle Ltd
Supporting good people with great ideas to create fulfilling lives they love through entrepreneurship. Let's develop your entrepreneurial 'mindstyle' so you can transform your life and in doing so positively impact the lives of your loved ones and community.  I'm Isabella Venour founder of MindStyle, Mindset & Marketing Coach, NLP Practitioner and Radio Presenter. Can talk about/cover: Success mindset for entrepreneurs Marketing your business / attracting customers Mental wellbeing: imposter syndrome, resilience, powerful conversations  Skilled in creating intuitive marketing strategies that align with the person behind the business: Business Marketing Strategy Success Mindset Coaching Media Relations Communications Copywriting Branding and Social Media marketing As seen in:  Hip&Health | Woman | HR News | Thrive Global | Health & Wellbeing | Natural Health

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