Lunch and Learn: Everything to know about market research

Anna Morrish
Anna MorrishQuibble Content Ltd

Posted: Wed 9th Feb 2022

In this recorded webinar, Anna Morrish, founder of Quibble, looks at how businesses can understand their position online, including how and what they appear for in the search results. She also touches on competitors, and what you can learn from them in order to take more of the market share.

Quibble is a full service digital marketing agency specialising in content marketing, SEO and digital PR.

Anna has over 10 years of expertise and experience in the digital marketing space and has had the pleasure of working in both in-house and agency roles.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Understand your position online in order to increase your traffic and enquiries 

  • Find out how you stack up against your competitors in order to beat them

  • How to target your customers effectively


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Anna Morrish
Anna MorrishQuibble Content Ltd
With over 10 years' worth of experience in the marketing industry, I've had the pleasure of working in various roles, including magazine editor, content marketer, outreach manager and managing director. What's more, I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to work in both agency and in-house positions, which has given me a great understanding of how both sides work.When I founded Quibble in 2016, I knew how important it was to provide a digital marketing service to businesses that provided honest results, while constantly adjusting strategies to changes in the market to ensure customers could benefit. As such, I built Quibble Content with honesty and integrity at its core.At Quibble, we work with businesses of all sizes both locally and abroad. We have helped many brands analyse their target audience and create content to ensure engagement is maintained at each stage of the buying cycle. Using a mix of technical skills and content expertise, Quibble provides a full marketing plan producing the content your audience is looking for, resulting in improved engagement, more leads and conversions.

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