Lunch and Learn: Essential cyber security tips for small businesses

Tom Davis
Tom DavisUK&I Channel Development ManagerAvast

Posted: Wed 29th Sep 2021

How to stop your business becoming the next victim of a cyber attack

Cyber security is the combination of tools, technologies, and practices used to protect computers, networks, devices and data from unauthorised access or attack. As cyber attacks become increasingly complex, threats can have an impact on businesses, freelancers and individuals alike.

As a small businesses, you might run on limited resources, but improving security doesn’t necessarily mean a huge expense or a lot of time if you put best-practice measures in place.

In this recorded Lunch and Learn webinar, the team at Avast Business and an expert from a cyber crime unit explain the importance of keeping your business and customers safe online.

Tom Davis
Tom DavisUK&I Channel Development ManagerAvast

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