Lunch and Learn: Empathy mapping for your business

Michelle Spaul
Michelle SpaulDelta Swan

Posted: Wed 30th Mar 2022

In this recorded Lunch and Learn, Michelle Spaul, customer experience consultant and founder of Delta Swan, covers how to start building empathy maps and provides ideas on how to use them within your business.

Stepping into our customers’ shoes is hard. We often make assumptions, such as believing our customers are just like us. Empathy mapping helps us be impartial and focus on our customers and what we actually know about them.

Michelle believes small and medium-sized businesses deserve the competitive advantages that big companies enjoy, and understands the time and cost constraints that get in the way.

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Michelle Spaul
Michelle SpaulDelta Swan
You know happy customers become loyal and loyal customers spend more. But unlike multinational businesses who can employ a team, SMEs only have time to think about customers when they shout. I believe SMEs deserve all the benefits of intentionally managing their customers' experience taken for granted by the big companies. I support businesses like yours in three steps. 1. Step into the shoes of your customers. We can use any of these tools, depending on your needs: Empathy maps Customer personas (so much more than marketing avatars!) Value propositions Customer Journey Maps Customer feedback (aka Voice of the Customer and customer listening) 2. Once we have a clear picture of customer needs, we work together to meet those needs by optimising or designing products, services and interactions (also known as touchpoints). 3. Finally, we ensure a return on your financial, time and emotional investments by accelerating benefits. Managing customer experience is addictive, when you see the benefits we can discuss how to move to the next level of maturity. Why would you trust me with your business, employees and customers? I believe small and medium-siz businesses deserve the competitive advantages enjoyed by big companies and understand the time and cost constraints that get in the way. I have a long history of helping businesses, teams and individuals work more closely, more beneficially with clients and customers. I know what is necessary and how to deliver business results, using her extensive experience in product, process and service design, problem solving and workshop design and facilitation, including over 14 years in Rolls-Royce and leading major projects at Philips and Allied Signal. I am one of CXM’s CX Stars of 2021, placed in the top ten of professionals.

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