Lunch and Learn: 5 top tips to instantly improve your written content

Victoria Brown
Victoria BrownVictoria Brown

Posted: Fri 6th May 2022

In the online world, our words are more powerful than ever when it comes to promoting our business and connecting with our potential customers. But it can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing what to say, and how to say it.

Victoria Browncontent and copywriting specialist, has created five easy rules to instantly level up your writing, to connect better with your audience and make the whole thing easier and more fun.

Watch back this recorded Lunch and Learn to find out more about the 'social sprinkles' you can apply to your copy to instantly give your writing colour and crunch.


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Victoria Brown
Victoria BrownVictoria Brown
Be honest. Is your written copy turning your customers on, or off? Hey, I’m Victoria and I help small business owners like you, write effectively to effortlessly attract your dream customers. Having a pretty website is great, but if you’re not saying the right things on it, then it’s pretty much a waste of time. I found out the power of words working as a BBC Journalist and working for a FTSE 100 company. Now, I’m passionate about taking my 17 years of experience in writing and messaging to help small business owners say the right things in the right way - helping them stand out, and sell more. I do this through Copywriting Services (if you want to outsource) and Coaching and Courses (if you want to upskill yourself). I love helping business owners face their fear of writing and helping them find their voice. Writing can be so powerful, but if you’re not saying the right things, you won’t attract your ideal customers, and you may even repel them. Getting your messaging and your tone of voice right can make all the difference, and I can guide you through the process. I can: Help you create your messaging strategy and your unique brand tone of voice. Write website copy for you (e.g. Your About Page, your Home Page etc). Coach you on how to write in a way that is unique and connects with your audience. Train your team to write in your tone of voice and give your content personality. You can find out more about my Copywriting Services here. I’m super passionate about small businesses, and also host a podcast - Creative Slurp, where I give lots of juicy tips and inspiration to business owners. Give it a listen here (or wherever you get your podcasts). And, I’m proud to be a local leader in Solihull for Enterprise Nation too. Join our virtual meetups here, it would be ever so lovely to meet you! To find out more about how I can help you uplevel your words, you can book a discovery call here. I'll get the (virtual) coffees in. For some quick tips on how to instantly give your copy a facelift, grab your FREE Social Sprinkles checklist - thevictoriabrown.com/sprinkles

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