Brexit rules of origin when importing or exporting goods

Mike Wilson
Mike WilsonGo Exporting Ltd

Posted: Fri 4th Feb 2022

In this webinar, international trade expert Mike Wilson explains what you need to know about the new rules of origin when importing or exporting goods. Mike outlines the 'origin' of a product and how to comply with rules of origin to keep your business moving.

If you sell goods to the EU or buy goods from the EU and bring them into the UK, you now need to be able to prove that they meet the rules of origin in order to access preferential tariffs. To benefit from the preferential tariffs, you must have proof that:

  • goods you import into the UK from the EU originate there

  • goods you export to the EU originate in the UK

If you cannot prove the origin of your product, you or your EU customer will be liable to pay the full rate of customs duty and could face penalties. If you cannot prove your product’s origin, you cannot take advantage of the zero-tariff trade agreement with the EU.

Rules may be different for Northern Ireland. Contact the Trader Support Service for up-to-date guidance and support.


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Mike Wilson
Mike WilsonGo Exporting Ltd
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