Top tips for utilising the digital world

Top tips for utilising the digital world
Alan Adams
Alan AdamsHorizons Consultants

Posted: Tue 20th Sep 2022

The pandemic changed the face of business and shifted priorities about what matters most to those important to you.

One of the biggest differences now compared to pre-pandemic is the digital revolution that swept across the business world. We had to adapt and continue working, without even leaving our own homes. And, it was possible.

We survived it. Actually, many businesses have thrived thanks to the sink or swim pressure they faced – and are doing even better because of it.

If you’re yet to take full advantage of the digital world, now is the time to start. Here, I share my top strategies for revolutionising how you work online.

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1. LinkedIn

There are currently around 55 million companies on LinkedIn, a figure that continues to grow. Unlike other social media platforms, it is now a huge worldwide networking event, with professionals from every industry available at your fingertips to connect or engage with.

Being present on LinkedIn is a must for any business professional. But, you need to ensure your profile is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to your industry.

You must also be connected with the right type of people relevant to your business and share educational and interesting content that’s relevant to them, on a regular basis.

Whilst it sounds daunting, once in the swing of it, it does become easier, and you will see the benefits of being able to connect with like-minded individuals.

People who, if you use it wisely, can become partners themselves, or who can introduce you to potential new clients, new insights, and fresh perspectives.

2. Be active

There is nothing worse than having a link from your website to a social media platform that is inactive.

Not only is it wasteful, but it’s likely to have an adverse effect and put the person that’s viewing your profile off pursuing your business or connecting with you.

There are so many platforms out there, with new ones arising all the time. Some succeed, others don’t. Not every platform will be suitable for you, your brand, or your target market, but it is crucial that once set up, you make a conscious effort to regularly post, engage with other users and have a positive online presence.

3. Video

Video content is increasingly popular. It allows clients to get to know you, and your team, on a more personal and emotional level, aiding trust and rapport.

Sharing expert insights is also a great way to connect with potential clients on social media, such as LinkedIn. But, there are two rules with this: keep it short, and caption it all, as these both ensure that engagement is high.

4. Engagement

After posting content on social platforms, you need to keep using them. If others like, comment or share, you need to be responding.

When executed well, you should be following the right people to allow you to be presented to new prospective clients. So, by commenting on posts, you will be visible to them, expanding your reach, and allowing for new and exciting introductions to take place.

5. Digital transition

Having had it proven through lockdowns, the majority of daily business tasks can now be conducted online, whether that be meetings on Teams or Zoom, or networking events altered to webinars.

Whilst this may not be suitable for every business, or in every scenario, there is definitely the potential to move more online, which in turn will save money, time, and effort for your team and your clients. Win-Win.

6. Use a professional

Often, business owners neglect the above as they’re too busy in their business, to spend time working on their business. So, consider the benefits of outsourcing your online business strategy to a professional.

Not only will you gain expert knowledge and guidance, but you’ll be kept accountable to ensure that your business is growing at the pace that you desire – new clients, improved conversion rates, and higher profitability.

Final thoughts

Being present online is essential. It can be a test and measure project – what does your target audience respond well to? What are your digital strengths? And how often should you post?

But, the most important thing is to be out there. And, if it is all too much or outside your comfort zone, it’s hugely worthwhile asking your network for support – it certainly will be worth it in the long run.

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