Top Tips for Home Business

Top Tips for Home Business
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Posted: Wed 13th Aug 2014

Ten home based businesses are set to appear in a photographic exhibition of entrepreneurs which sets the scene and backdrop for Enterprise Nation's Home Business Summit on Friday. Here they offer their one top tip for successfully running a business from home.

Top Tips:


_"Have a friendly local coffee shop to use as your "meeting room" - it's much better than inviting clients to come round for a coffee when the washing machine is on...!" _ Oliver Bridge, Cornerstone


"Turn up to work everyday. The temptation can be to take the day off as you don't think you have anything much to do or have no inspiration. But you just have to keep turning up. Quite literally. Showered. Dressed. And ready to work at your desk, table or wherever you have designated your work space to be. Because if you keep 'turning up' ideas come & things move forward."  Victoria Cramsie, Paperboy Wallpaper


_"Clear space = clear mind. (Also Jasmine flavoured candles pull you through the most stressful of times!)" _ Ed Vickers, Jollie Socks


" _Once you've come up with your idea, spend lots of time researching it. I did loads of coffee mornings at home (still do) and tried to get honest feedback from my target market (predominantly mums). You need to know categorically that your idea is a good one before you spend lots of time and money developing it." _ Jayne Hynes, Kiddyum


"Try to work in a shed or outhouse, or at least a dedicated room, and tell everyone that when you're in there, you are at work so they should leave you alone. Ignore all attempts to draw you out - they will soon get the message!" Shoo Rayner, Shoo Rayner

Mr Singh

"Take your time in finding the right partners. We learned this through trial and error when looking for a manufacturing partner. Think of it this way, how often will you marry the first person you meet? One will find almost every manufacturer you speak with will say yes, be your best friend, brew you a cracking cup of tea and be eager to do the job for you - only one will deliver! In our experience, it pays to spend time shopping around, there really is no rush - drink many cups of tea." Kuldip Singh Sahota, Mr Singh's Sauce


"Starting a successful business from home is extremely convenient, but also distracting, with your TV, games console and bed within touching distance. So I advise to always keep your business goals and ambitions at an even closer distance as these are the things that will keep you focused and determined to work hard towards success" Corby Kuffour,

Please join us to celebrate Home Business on Friday 15th August by downloading the badge below and displaying it on your site or social media.

Cheers to #homebusiness

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