Time to debate the small business issues

Time to debate the small business issues

Posted: Fri 12th May 2017

In calling a snap General Election, Theresa May caught many off guard and has instigated a rapid rumble of activity from the major parties in pulling plans and manifestos together.

In the midst of this, we want to ensure small businesses get a decent view on what each party offers, as well as ensuring the small business voice is heard. For both reasons, we are hosting the General Election small business debate on 18 May and all small firms are invited.

Hosted with spokespeople from all the major political parties on Thursday 18 May at ICAEW Great Hall in London, the debate commences at 6.30pm with a digital poll on your voting intentions, runs for an hour, and ends with another vote to see if the panelists have swayed your vote.

The debate is a two-way conversation. It offers opportunity for the parties to outline their policies for small business, and offers you opportunity to ask your questions of the parties. When you register for a free ticket, you can include your question.

Whichever party or parties win the election, they will be responsible for taking us through Brexit and it's critical to ensure small businesses continue to be supported throughout.

At the event, we will be launching our own small business manifesto, produced with the Small Business Taskforce, and with six recommendations on topics from tax to space for growth. The implementation of these recommendations will lead to better decision making on policies and a higher return on investment for the taxpayer.

At this important time when you have told us you are confident and ambitious for growth, and want to access support to enable this, I hope you will take part in this debate. The more small businesses that get involved, the more your voice is likely to be heard.

Emma Jones is founder of Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation has helped thousands of people start and grow their businesses. Led by founder, Emma Jones CBE, Enterprise Nation connects you to the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

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