TikTok Takeoff: Helping small brands get themselves noticed

TikTok Takeoff: Helping small brands get themselves noticed

Posted: Tue 18th Jun 2024

We've teamed up with TikTok to deliver a new email marketing course that helps your small business use the social media platform to promote your brand and build your own thriving community.

Through our TikTok Takeoff partnership, you can connect with a group of like-minded small business owners and successful creators who can help you make content to get your brand noticed.

You'll also be able to learn tips from Isobel Perl, whose business Perl Cosmetics has over 280,000 followers on TikTok.

Emma Jones CBE, founder of Enterprise Nation, says:

"Small business owners are busy people and many might feel that exploring a new social media platform is yet another thing on a long to-do list.

"This course and experience demonstrates that unlocking the power of TikTok can be transformative for brands looking to find new, inclusive communities and real allies in the business world.

"TikTok is brilliant at showing the human face behind the business, and people buy from people – so it makes perfect sense."

Amelia Peckham, co-founder of Harrogate-based Cool Crutches, says sales of her cool and colourful walking sticks have had a massive boost since she started posting consistently to TikTok.

"Customer acquisition is hard and TikTok makes it easy. I'd say we get a 20% increase in traffic from TikTok when we're consistent, which is amazing.

"Our sales have skyrocketed since we started posting stories, carousels and videos consistently. Year-on-year, we're up 80%, and this wouldn't have been possible without TikTok."

Amelia launched her business as a side hustle in 2006 after a freak accident on a quad bike left her with no feeling from the waist down.

As a 19-year-old, she found that the traditional crutches her hospital supplied clicked at every step, were uncomfortable and affected her mental health – impeding her recovery in the process.

She launched Cool Crutches after realising how important a comfortable, silent and stylish mobility aid is to people with disabilities who just want to get on with their lives.

Amelia emphasises how creating meaningful content and advocating for the disability community has really worked on TikTok.

"My top tip is that little things fly on TikTok. Since learning that brand awareness and new customer acquisition is more effective than a pure sales approach, we've seen a real shift in performance.

"We recently launched a guide to disability benefits, which is a downloadable 'one stop shop' for everything you need to know about disability benefits. It's performed absolutely incredibly on TikTok and outperformed all our other social media platforms."


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