The Small Business Sessions (S4E12): Building a luxury brand from a spare room in Scotland

The Small Business Sessions (S4E12): Building a luxury brand from a spare room in Scotland

Posted: Wed 11th Dec 2019

This week's Small Business Sessions podcast features Niamh Barker, founder of luxury cashmere brand The Travelwrap Company.

Niamh explains how frequent corporate travel gave her the idea for cashmere wraps and why she chooses to manufacture her products in Scotland.

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On this week's Small Business Sessions podcast

Niamh believes there's never been a better time for women to start up a business, thanks to the flexibility of working online.

"Running an online business gives you a huge amount of autonomy, because you can do what you like in between. You can manage your time better, so there's a real opportunity for females in the online space to not only start a business but grow a business.

"You don't need an office or a shop – our little business is still run out of a couple of garages and a store room, yet we export all over the world."

Host Dan Martin and Niamh discuss:

  • how to build an online presence

  • how to solve the problem of copycats

  • why it's important to target the right market

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