Tech Hub: Master e-commerce and digital campaigns

Posted: Wed 29th May 2024

In this Tech Hub webinar, we are joined by Caroline McQueen, ACIM, an e-commerce consultant for business owners who need to promote their products online without blowing their budget on social media ads.

She’s the founder and chief strategist at Impulsiv, where she helps designers and artisans craft brands that are ethically sourced and highly sought-after. Caroline empowers founders with on-trend advice and custom Shopify themes.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover how to build a scalable customer journey with marketing psychology

  • Learn how to own your brand story around the web for a competitive edge

  • Uncover how to use the power of insights to fuel business growth

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About Tech Hub

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TL;DR: I help product-based businesses increase customer lifetime value through engaging ecommerce experiences. ---- In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it's easy for any business to get lost in the sea of data metrics and KPIs. Not all brands can count on customers who found them on social media to return to their online storefronts, especially when dozens of competitors look alike in their feeds. That's why I help brands create unique experiences that capture customers' attention and build lasting relationships. How do I do that? Here's my backstory. I'm a web designer and digital marketer by trade. Over the years, I've become known as a specialist in ecommerce and consumer behaviour. Much of my work in web design blends neuroscience with brand psychology to solve complex business challenges, connecting the dots between company goals and customers' needs. But recently, I've discovered that the techniques I use all the time — The Halo Effect, Processing Fluency and The Six Principles of Influence — can also help companies increase sales, secure funding and expand operations globally. So, in 2022, thanks to a grant from Baroness Karren Brady, I stopped freelancing and founded Impulsiv®, an ecommerce consultancy specialising in interaction design. Now, I help CEOs and brand leaders determine what to say to customers (the strategy) and how to show up online (the design). From bespoke ecommerce websites and digital campaigns to novel technology use cases, clients use my design and development services to improve the customer experience. All of them help elevate their brand and their bottom line. Contact me if you’d like tailored advice on growing your online store.

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