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Paul Lee
Paul LeeCupolo

Posted: Wed 25th Oct 2023

In this workshop, marketing strategist and adviser Paul Lee provides insight and top tips on how marketing tools can take your business to the next level.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Understand what a pragmatic approach looks like when considering how and when to select and invest in technology for your business

  • Discover the core principles you need in your business before you invest in new technology

  • Get an overview of marketing tools, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Drift and more that can help you grow your business's marketing and sales

  • Think about your target audience, what motivates them and how technology can support that audience's growth

The following tools are covered:

  • Folloze: Digital engagement platform

  • Drift: Conversational marketing and sales

  • Turtl: Personalised interactive digital content

  • Oracle’s Intelligent Advisor: Recommendation, customer service

  • Marketo Engage, Eloqua, Pardot: Marketing automation platforms


Tech Hub: Recommendations and resources to help small businesses adopt new technology

About Tech Hub

Backed by top technology firms, Tech Hub is a new-generation, one-stop-shop solution that allows businesses to access industry-leading digital tools, training, support, and know-how to succeed, all in one place. Take me to the hub

Paul Lee
Paul LeeCupolo
It's a tough vocation being an entrepreneur and owner of your own business however, the rewards both emotionally, financially, professionally, and your impact on other humans, can be rich and satisfying. There are highs and lows and my job is to help you smooth the ride providing consulting services focusing on specialists areas that will impact everything you do - knowing your customers, what makes them tick, aligning your offer and values in ways that always resonate, that builds long-lasting relationships and drives digital revenue. B2B buyers have evolved. They no longer just purchase, they subscribe to your values, the brand experience you offer as well as product & pricing fit. They want trusted partnerships, not just suppliers.Investing in marketing tactics can very often fumble without the right up-front investment in understanding your customers, building emotional connections, telling your story, getting the right technology in place and optimising engagement throughout the buyer and customer journey.After 25 years of bringing up kids, providing a safe and secure home for my family, my motivations and "North Star" are quite different moving forward. If you want to build your business and need to lean on someone who has been at the forefront of marketing digital transformation and want access to know-how, essential tools and tricks that will underpin every aspect of how you go-to-market, I can help. The added benefit, I have a great network or equally professional and gifted colleagues spanning the whole spectrum of what it takes to do effective marketing so if I don't know it, I know someone who does. Here's the "professional low-down and career highlights" blurb. I'm a versatile and experienced Director and Board Advisor who has passionately followed and been highly active in the transformation of B2B marketing and sales over the past 14 years supporting scale-up to large corporate businesses. Experienced across multiple sectors principally hi-tech manufacturing, technology, media, fintech, education and professional services. I offer a proven track record of supporting ambitious senior marketing, sales and c-suite executives to challenge, navigate, question and adopt modern transformational strategies to create and accelerate growth. Business strategist and real-world cross-functional tactical execution leader leveraging business & technical acumen to challenge complex growth stage issues A specialist in the essential digital sales & marketing components to drive revenue. I can help you.. Understand your customers first (deal cutomer profiles & personas), what makes them tick and how to create solid GTM plans (buyer journey mapping, messaging, content planning, integrated campaign planning). Thinking about buying technology? I can help you Identify the key business priorities that warrant investment in technology before you spend a penny! How to create the most appropriate and effective technology ecosystem to drive digital engagement, sales & growth Avoid the traps that can lead to technology failure Marketing & sales technology consulting experience includes Folloze, Drift, 6Sense, Bombora, Salesforce, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Outreach, Turtl, Adobe, Bombora, Hubspot and more EXAMPLE SENIOR LEADERSHIP ADVISORY ROLES Global Automation Vendor: Advisor to global marketing leadership team. Tech stack investment strategy & optimisation, campaign performance analysis, strategic service & team investment, change management, creating a data-driven culture and using data analysis to make decisions Global Industrial Solutions Vendor: Advisor to global marketing & sales leadership teams on cross-channel digital programme conversion optimisation and account-based marketing/sales programmes. Tech stack audit, optimisation and investment strategy including conversational marketing & sales (chatbot) strategy, programme delivery, sales onboarding & enablement. Global Colocation & Data Centre Provider: Advisor to EMEA marketing & sales leadership teams on tech stack optimisation, technology investment strategy and multiple marketing operations programme delivery – integration, analytics, chat strategy, ABM, lead nurturing & lead scoring, sales & marketing alignment. BOARD ADVISORY ROLES Sales Directorships at two, top five global technology corporations (SaaS application products) Managing Director, Board Advisor, Marketing Consultant, global B2B marketing agency Business Director, Board Advisor, Marketing Consultant , UK B2B marketing agency Sales Director, global SaaS technology scale-up (EMEA growth-IPO-Acquisition) Partnership Lead for numerous US SaaS scale-ups breaking into EMEA

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