Tech Hub: AI tools to take your small business to the next level

Posted: Wed 15th Nov 2023

In this workshop, AI educator Kerry Harrison shares an overview of some of today's best AI tools that can take your business to the next level.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover how to choose the right AI tools for your business

  • Explore an overview of some of today's key AI tools that can help you with a whole range of tasks from copywriting to video creation

  • Build an understanding of the considerations and risks of AI tools and how to implement them responsibly in your organisation

Tools covered in the workshop include:

  • ChatGPT and Bard – business writing

  • Midjourney – image generation and photography

  • Jasper.ai – copywriting and content workflows

  • Canva's AI-powered features – and its brand new ChatGPT plugin

  • Otter.ai – transcribes your meetings and emails you the key outtakes afterwards

  • Synthesia – good for people who need to create large amounts of content. Create an AI avatar and let it deliver your news/information for you

  • RunwayML or Lumen5 – video content creation

  • Outranking – helps with SEO


Tech Hub: Recommendations and resources to help small businesses adopt new technology

About Tech Hub

Backed by top technology firms, Tech Hub is a new-generation, one-stop-shop solution that allows businesses to access industry-leading digital tools, training, support, and know-how to succeed, all in one place. Take me to the hub

Hi, I'm Kerry. I'm an AI content consultant, and copywriting trainer with a passion for fusing human creativity and emerging tech. In 2018, after 18 years as an advertising copywriter, I co-founded the award-winning agency Tiny Giant and moved into exploring the creative opportunities of artificial intelligence. During the last five years, I've co-created the world’s first AI gin, crafted an AI Queen’s speech for Wired Magazine, brought the award-winning Cheltenham Science Festival AI curator to life, served up AI cocktails across the globe – and have spoken about AI at events both nationally and internationally. Today, I'm the founder of Unclouded, a content consultancy for entrepreneurs and leaders. I'm on a mission to help forward-thinking individuals and businesses to create stand-out content with the support of AI. I believe that generative AI tools shouldn't only be benefitting big corporates with gigantic budgets. Small businesses should be benefitting from the power of AI too. I'm here to show you how. With generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, Claude, Bing AI, Midjourney, Dall.e and RunwayML, you can up your content game quickly. And the great thing is, this technology is still fairly new, so you can be one step ahead. My main aim? To get you to your first draft faster. That way, you can spend more time on the crafting and strategic thinking that'll make a real impact on your business. Here's what I offer: AI Content Audits. I’ll take a look at your content setup and outline the ways that generative AI can save you time – and inspire more creative thinking. AI tool integration and training. My interactive workshops equip your team with the latest generative AI tools and the know-how to use them effectively. We can explore tools including ChatGPT, Bing, Dall.e, RunwayML, Midjourney and more. AI-assisted copywriting training. Get to your first draft with AI, then use your human writing skills to make your content stand out. With my combination of AI and copywriting skills, I’ll help you harness AI without blending into the sea of beige. Keen to know more? Please get in touch, I'd love to talk.

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