Small Business Saturday: 12 entrepreneurial tips from Enterprise Nation members

Small Business Saturday: 12 entrepreneurial tips from Enterprise Nation members

Posted: Sat 1st Dec 2018

Today is Small Business Saturday so we've gathered together some inspirational business quotes from a selection of the thousands of Enterprise Nation members. Meet everyone in the community here.

"Get stuck into the detail for all areas of your business and don't be shy to ask dumb questions. You have to know your business inside out."
Meenesh Mistry, Wholey Moly. Read the full story here.

"Do something you love that comes naturally to you. I call it the path of least resistance but it comes in really handy when things get tough and you think of giving up!"
Dinah Sackey, The Freperie. Read the full story here.

"Learn everything there is to learn and then break the rules. Find your own voice and be determined in where you are going."
Emily Canino, Doodlemoo. Read the story here.

Amy Nolan, Ginger Rainbow

"Sleep, eat well and exercise. You need your energy and a clear head."
Catherine Robson, Big Pip Marketing. Read the full story here.

"Ask, ask, ask. I've been amazed by how much help people have been willing to give me, often for free and with lashings of encouragement to boot."
Kate Foster, Badd Karma. Read the full story here.

"Speak about what you are doing all the time. Word of mouth is very important."
Kieu-My PHAM THAI, 9 Kitchens. Read the full story here.


"No matter how young your business is, live it. Get an email address, print business cards, always introduce yourself as the owner/CEO/creator...whatever your title is. If you take yourself seriously, others will too."
Ruth Bradford, The Little Black & White Book Project. Read the full story here.

"Don't be scared! If it was easy everyone would be doing it."
Ed Hollands, Driven Media. Read the full story here.

"Keep control of the finances, stick to your budget and always build in some contingency."
Gaynor Matthews, WOW HOW. Read the full story here.

Kids Bee Happy

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