Six reasons why you should attend an Enterprise Nation online local meet-up

Six reasons why you should attend an Enterprise Nation online local meet-up
Owen Harding
Owen HardingOfficial

Posted: Fri 12th Jan 2024

Whatever your stage of business, a good network is crucial for your growth.

Joining a peer group is the best way to learn new skills, discover opportunities, solve challenges and unpack how you're feeling with people who genuinely understand – because they've probably been there too.  

Hosted by a network of Local Leaders – small business champions with a passion for their local communities – Enterprise Nation’s monthly online meet-ups bring together founders from all sectors to share ideas, learn new skills, solve challenges and inspire one another.

Watch this webinar to discover how to get the most out of networking online:

Here’s why attending an Enterprise Nation local meet-up will benefit your business.

1. Networking opportunities

The word networking fills many people with dread, but connecting and building a rapport with like-minded small business owners can be hugely beneficial for both your morale and your business. 

It can lead to new leads, supplier contacts and potential partnerships and collaboration.  

2. Fresh thinking and inspiration

Sometimes the best feedback and out-of-the-box ideas come from those who are in a different field with no knowledge or presuppositions about your specific area of business.

This also gives you a valuable opportunity to carry out some market research and learn more about your target audience in a live setting.

3. Feeling of belonging

Local meet-ups offer opportunities to escape the bubble and connect with like-minded business people, many of whom are dealing with the same challenges and are eager to share their experiences. 

Discussing your challenges with others in a similar position allows the potential for collective problem-solving. You will almost certainly feel less alone in your endeavours as a result of their mental and emotional support.  

Maria Morris, Devon and Cornwall's local meet-up attendee said:

"Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. I joined the Devon local meet-up to connect with other founders. It's a supportive, welcoming and non-salesy group and offers a safe space to share knowledge. Through these meet-ups, I've gained clients and unlocked speaker opportunities."

4. Learning opportunities

In any business, there is always more to learn, even for the most experienced among us. Whether it’s new knowledge about your product, business skills you need to develop or innovative marketing techniques, you are bound to come away feeling more informed and better equipped to deal with the daily challenges of running your business. 

5. Accountability

There’s a strong chance that one of the reasons you started your own business is because you were tired of other people holding you accountable. But all business owners have accountabilities, whether they realize it or not. You’re accountable for hiring and managing your employees, building and maintaining a relationship with your customers and clients, managing your cash flow, ensuring your taxes get filed each year... But that being said, it’s not always easy to remain motivated. A supportive peer group can help with that.  

All business owners have accountabilities, whether they realise it or not. You're accountable for hiring and managing employees, building relationships with your customers, managing your cash flow, making sure you file your taxes each year, and more.

That being said, it isn't always easy to remain motivated. A supportive peer group can help with that.

Susan Peters, West Sussex's local meet-up attendee said:

"I discovered Enterprise Nation's local meet-ups thanks to my Local Leader, Steve. He knows exactly what questions to ask to facilitate interesting and thought-provoking discussions. There are no uncomfortable sales pitches, unlike most networking events."

6. Instant advocates for your business

Unlike other networking groups, local meet-ups aren't a place to "sell" your business. Just by attending one of these sessions, you're increasing your brand’s visibility.

And with word of mouth still arguably one of the most effective types of marketing, you'll find that this ready-made support network of business owners will likely recommend you and your business to others as a result of being part of the same peer group.

 Enterprise Nation: Small business local meet-ups

Small business local meet-ups with Enterprise Nation

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