Self-assessment Kit launched to support Britain's entrepreneurs

Self-assessment Kit launched to support Britain's entrepreneurs
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Posted: Wed 25th Mar 2015

A ground-breaking self-assessment kit, specifically aimed at supporting female entrepreneurship, has been developed after figures show a third more women are now starting-up in the UK.

The Government-funded online kit is designed to help women-led firms reach their potential by identifying gaps in knowledge, experience and confidence, and offering a solution.

Hosted by Enterprise Nation, it is hoped the tool, which comprises a questionnaire and produces a bespoke training programme, will encourage more women to consider entrepreneurship, while offering women already running a company, practical help to take their business to the next level.

Emma Jones

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation said: "Despite a huge increase in female entrepreneurship rates here, women in the US are still twice as likely as women in the UK to start a business.

"And once they are running a business, studies show women are likely to find it more difficult than men to obtain finance, they also have a lack of awareness of the support available - as well as that level of self-belief that often propels men towards higher growth.

"This kit works on the basis that women have exactly the same ability as men to start-up, and through gentle questioning, identifies gaps and suggests an individual training and advice programme to address these issues and unlock female potential.

"This in turn will help to dispel the myth that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be a Gordon Gekko type, driving fast cars, splashing the cash - and all that stereotype conjures up. We hope it will lead to a world where being steady, careful and competent is also a key predictor of success."

The Self Assessment Kit has been developed by Enterprise Nation in conjunction with psychology experts and moderated through focus groups and early-stage trials conducted with female entrepreneurs.

Open to both men and women, although concentrating its efforts to attract and help more female users, the kit teases out niggles and worries through subtle questioning, analysing the answers to build a picture of strengths and weaknesses and outlining a programme of support. It will even supply contacts and offer introductions to relevant accredited experts via the Enterprise Nation Marketplace.

Government figures suggest the proportion of female-led businesses in the UK is up by a third, but that if it were to reach the same proportions as in the US, it would eradicate the remaining unemployment we have.

To take the test, go to

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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