How SeaBass Cycles launched a new retail location

Posted: Mon 1st Jul 2019

What started as a small bike repair shop in Camberwell in South London expanded to a second shop five times the size with bikes on sale.

In an entertaining and informative interview, Charlie Roberts and Sam Lewin, co-founders of SeaBass Cycles, admit they were naïve when it came to business in the early days.

"When we started we weren't business minded at all; we just knew bikes. I didn't know the difference between gross and net profit," says Sam. "But being in the middle of it, you have to learn."

Informality and the personal touch

The entrepreneurs' relaxed approach has paid off with a steady flow of loyal customers. One of their tactics is remembering customers' names.

"We keep the shop interesting, a friendly environment", Charlie explains. "We're not a very formal company and I think customers really appreciate that. It's not your regular High Street shop."

The founders say life was much easier running their first shop which was small with low rent. "Stress levels are high" running the second shop which is much bigger. But, Charlie admits, "it's all worth it."

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