How to be more sustainable – responsibly

Cara Halliwell
Cara HalliwellCE Change Ltd

Posted: Wed 8th Sep 2021

In this Plan It With Purpose video, Cara Halliwell, director at CE Change Ltd. explains what is meant by responsible change and sustainable transformation, and the importance of considering responsible change within the current climate.

Cara also discusses how business owners can implement change responsibly, and shares the most common challenges business owners face when considering responsible change.


Plan it with Purpose, from Enterprise Nation

Plan it with Purpose

A programme designed to help owners of small and medium-sized businesses develop a better understanding of environmental and social issues in the UK. Visit the Plan it with Purpose hub


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Cara Halliwell
Cara HalliwellCE Change Ltd
I am director of a change consultancy that specialises in operational transformation using intelligent, ethical, sustainable solutions. We bring clarity and confidence to change, offering tailored solutions to enable our customers to discover their operational health, develop future goals and deliver the change required.I am passionate about remoulding businesses for better futures – to me, this goes beyond improving mere profitability and instead involves looking for high quality, lasting solutions that look after people, the planet and the bottom line.I also believe that it matters what we deliver and how we get there. Responsibility is a key value for my own company and embedded into the work we do with clients: we focus on delivering sustainable transformation through responsible change.I have extensive experience of delivering digital and business transformation within corporate businesses and public/private partnerships.

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