Small business sustainability: Some common misconceptions

Veronica Broomes
Veronica BroomesYour Small Business Coach

Posted: Wed 8th Sep 2021

In this Plan it with Purpose video, business coach and sustainability consultant Veronica Broomes discusses sustainability in the context of small businesses, both those that sell products and those that provide a service.

Veronica also shares her thoughts on the key benefits a business owner can expect to see when adopting sustainability within their business. Finally, she addresses the most common misconceptions and misinterpretations small business owners have around sustainability.


Plan it with Purpose, from Enterprise Nation

Plan it with Purpose

A programme designed to help owners of small and medium-sized businesses develop a better understanding of environmental and social issues in the UK. Visit the Plan it with Purpose hub


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Veronica Broomes
Veronica BroomesYour Small Business Coach
My name is Veronica Broomes, my business brand is 'Your Small Business Coach' and it was founded in 2010 when I qualified as a Small Business Coach. Over the years, I have found a niche in Price Setting Strategies for SMEs and helping business owners avoid common pricing mistakes.  My early career included working on impact assessments (environmental, social) and was followed by many years as a Researcher and Consultant on Sustainability (pillars: social, economic, environmental) and CSR. From Linkedin profile, you can see a commitment to continued professional development and entrepreneurship.  I help owner-founders and directors of SMEs grow profits through:  A) choosing best strategies for pricing and avoiding common mistakes in price setting, and  B) Conducting Sustainability Audits, Action Plans, Policy statements.  Take a look at my services and call to see how I can help you to grow your business as a first- or second-time Founder.

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