Don’t let the fear of public speaking stop you from telling your story

Don’t let the fear of public speaking stop you from telling your story
Bev Hepting
Bev HeptingBev Hepting | The Message Maestro

Posted: Mon 14th Aug 2023

Do you remember the last time you had to give a presentation in front of a crowd? The mere thought of speaking in public can be nerve-wracking for many people.

In fact, it's estimated that nearly 75% of people experience some level of anxiety or fear when speaking in public. But did you know that this fear can also hinder your ability to create and tell a compelling story?

Impact on confidence

When you're afraid of speaking in public, your confidence takes a hit. This lack of confidence can translate into your storytelling abilities, making it difficult for you to engage your audience.

Your fear may cause you to stumble over your words, speak too softly, or even forget important details of your story. As a result, your story loses its impact, and your audience may not connect with it as strongly as they could have.


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Inability to connect

A fear of public speaking often leads to an excessive focus on oneself, rather than the audience. This self-consciousness prevents you from fully connecting with your listeners and understanding their needs and interests.

In storytelling, it's crucial to establish a connection with your audience to evoke emotions and create a memorable experience. When fear hinders this connection, your story might come across as disconnected or impersonal.

Lack of authenticity

Authenticity is a key ingredient for a compelling story. When you fear speaking in public, you may be tempted to rely on scripted speeches or mimic someone else's style to feel more secure.

However, this can rob your story of its originality and genuineness. The fear of judgment or rejection may also prevent you from sharing personal experiences or vulnerability, which are often the most powerful aspects of storytelling.


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Overcoming the fear

Practice and preparation

The best way to overcome the fear of public speaking is through practice and preparation. Rehearsing your story repeatedly not only helps you become more familiar with the content but also builds confidence in delivering it.

Consider joining a public-speaking group or taking a course to hone your skills and gain constructive feedback from peers.

Visualisation techniques

Visualising yourself successfully delivering your story can help alleviate anxiety. Spend a few minutes each day mentally picturing yourself speaking confidently and connecting with your audience.

By repeatedly envisioning positive outcomes, you can rewire your brain to associate public speaking with success rather than fear.

Start small

If the fear of public speaking feels overwhelming, start by telling your story to a smaller audience. Share it with a friend or colleague, or even record yourself speaking and review it privately.

Gradually working your way up to larger audiences can help desensitise you to the fear and build your confidence step by step.

Seek support

Don't be afraid to ask other people for support. Share your fears with a trusted friend, mentor or coach who can provide guidance and encouragement. They may have experienced similar fears and can offer valuable insights on how to overcome them. Remember, you aren't alone in this journey.

Final thoughts

The fear of public speaking can undoubtedly hinder your ability to create a compelling story. From impacting your confidence and connection with the audience to hindering authenticity, this fear can hold you back from reaching your storytelling potential.

However, with practice, preparation, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone, you can overcome this fear and captivate your audience with your storytelling prowess.

So, take a deep breath, embrace the challenge, and unleash the power of your story. The world is waiting to hear it.

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Bev Hepting
Bev HeptingBev Hepting | The Message Maestro
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