Local meet-ups with Enterprise Nation: A journey of self-discovery for Kim Masters

Local meet-ups with Enterprise Nation: A journey of self-discovery for Kim Masters

Posted: Tue 27th Jun 2023

Enterprise Nation is on a mission to take the loneliness out of entrepreneurship. Through our local meet-up campaign, we're offering a ready-made support network to small business owners across the UK and Ireland.

Kim Masters, founder of MATS Consulting, describes herself as a relationship-with-money adviser.

With over 25 years of experience working in accounts and healing, her work combines both the practical- and personal-relationship-with-money sides, which is how you think, feel and speak about money.

MATS Consulting has two sides to it – the financial systems and training part and the Make Peace with Money programme, which not only deals with the practical side of money management but also focuses on how you relate to money on a mental and emotional level.

A member since 2017, Kim shares her Enterprise Nation story and how attending these small business local meet-ups across the country has been great for her business.

Kim explains:

“I tell my clients that committed action is important. So, I took committed action and signed up as an adviser six weeks ago, as well as to my local Enterprise Nation Hertfordshire group.

“Over the last five weeks, I also signed up for as many other groups as I could. I have been to meet-ups in Hertfordshire, Edinburgh, Lincolnshire, Milton Keynes, Dublin, East Sussex, Cumbria, South East London, Northamptonshire, and others.”


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A journey of self-discovery

Although Kim is a veteran in her field, she has always been nervous about talking about what she does. However, attending these meetings has let her discover a few things – confidence in herself, her love of people and getting a real feel for the challenges that entrepreneurs face in each region.

She explains:

“I've discovered so many incredible entrepreneurs. The team leaders are amazing and do their best to engage people, to find a way of connecting people to build trust and their lives.

“I learnt about the challenges that people are facing all around the country and the cost of living is at the heart of most. Entrepreneurs are being squeezed and money is the key factor to most people's challenges, which helps me in a way.

“The groups that I've enjoyed the most are where people have been open and honest.

“It’s one thing to do your pitch for everyone, but in these groups, the format generates questions and honest conversations. The leaders are the anchors and everyone rallies around, providing real advice for people to move forward in their businesses.”

Enterprise Nation local meet-ups are a special kind of group

Kim is part of many networking groups, and she has found the “pitch your business” introductions to be nerve-wracking. But it was during these sessions that she had her lightbulb moment. She says:

“I discovered that the term ‘relationship with money’ combined all that I do. Initially, I had trouble with how the accounts and the Make Peace with Money programme would come together. Then I had a lightbulb moment and found that at these meetings, I could test my pitch. Every meeting I attend I put in something different to see how it resonates.

“Kindness and compassion are what I'm all about and these meetings have helped me to get to know people on a deeper level.

“I love that at the end of the sessions, you’ll send around a questionnaire. I see that as a company, you’ll are trying to make things as powerful for the advisers and members as possible.

“And as an entrepreneur myself, you want to have an offering that work. I love the fact that you have this format and are open to change. For instance, you changed the format of the Lunch and Learns to make them more powerful.

“This makes me feel super excited to be part of Enterprise Nation. The people that I have met, and the way it has helped my business and confidence in just five weeks is incredible.”

Great expectations

From being nervous to pitch her business to now being a veteran at local meet-ups, Kim was hooked from her very first meeting in Hertfordshire, run by Jay Maniar. She says:

“I didn’t know what to expect, but Jay has been an entrepreneur for a long time, bringing a very calming and wise energy to the group.

“You can expect a friendly, safe place, somewhere you can meet like-minded people who are experts. These meet-ups are a way to learn how to grow your business and create a community.”

In the long run

Money is a particularly sensitive subject to discuss and Kim acknowledges it. She says:

“I've seen from my work that when people are stressed about money, they close up. They will try to solve it on their own. These meetings allow me the opportunity to start these difficult conversations around money.

“I finally understand what networking really means. It isn’t about the pitch and sell, it is about really connecting and supporting each other.”


Enterprise Nation: Small business local meet-ups

Small business local meet-ups with Enterprise Nation

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