Nadija Bajrami: Mind coaching and winning awards

Nadija Bajrami: Mind coaching and winning awards

Posted: Thu 24th Nov 2022

We love featuring the stories of our Enterprise Nation members. Next up is Nadija Bajrami, who tells us about her business and gives some advice for other small business owners.

Originally from France, Nadija now lives in Dublin, where she runs her own small business in hypnotherapy and mind coaching.

What brought you to Ireland?

I came to Ireland about five years ago after I had brain tumours. Before going for the last surgery, I made a promise to myself that if I survived, I would really find who I was and do what I really loved in life.

I did survive, thankfully, so I was 'sent' to Ireland. It was a very good move. I had a corporate job in Dublin but I trained as a hypnotherapist and mind coach. The psychic and mediumship has always been in my background.

What is your current business?

I'm a hypnotherapist, mind coach and psychic medium, but also a teacher in mediumship and intuitive development. In my therapy, I specialise in trauma healing, self-esteem and self-confidence.

I generally believe that whatever you want to achieve in life starts with you. I really love to help people actually realise how amazing they are.

On the spiritual side, it's really about helping people with their grief, giving them proof of continuity of life after the physical death. But also teaching people how to tap into their intuition – as well as therapy and coaching.

How have you found the experience of moving from the corporate world to starting your own business?

I launched my business in April 2020 and I was in a full-time sales management job at the time. It was very, very tough in a way because, obviously, we had no interaction other than meeting online. I was working full-time and managing teams – setting everything up at night and at the weekends.

It really required a lot of dedication, commitment, and a strong 'knowing' and unwavering faith that I had found my calling. But it was tough.

The positive side of all this was that we were locked down, so there was nothing else to do than work hard.

Which services do you offer your clients?

I give hypnotherapy sessions, coaching sessions and packages. So that's hypnosis, but for the coaching it's mind coaching and Law of Attraction coaching sessions.

I also offer psychic mediumship readings to people, individually and in groups. I hold workshops in intuitive development workshops, online and in-person. And I do confidence building, self-esteem building and everything around your own self-image.

What are the main issues your clients are facing at the moment?

As I specialise in trauma, I do a lot of inner child healing. On my therapy and coaching side, it's really people who have had some deep trauma, attachment issues or abandonment issues.

It's really helping them to get back to a normal life where they can trust people again, have a romantic relationship again, and just move forward with building them themselves up. That's my big requirement for therapy at the moment.

My readings are in demand for sure – when people grieve, they want to talk to their loved ones. The readings are very much in demand as well.

You recently won an award – congratulations! Tell us about it.

It was the 2021/2022 Republic of Ireland Prestige Awards. I was handpicked for the Hypnotherapist of the Year in the Dublin category, and I won it.

For me, I don't need an award to love what I do. But I have to be honest, what it helps with is credibility.

At the moment, small businesses are really struggling with increasing prices and worries about the future. What advice do you have for them?

  • Have faith in yourself.

  • Don't wait to be ready. Do it now.

  • Go to networking events. There are plenty of opportunities through Enterprise Nation or your local enterprise office. We are very lucky in Ireland to have good supports and networking hubs.

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway – that's from a book I love. In my eyes, there's never been a better time to do it than now. In history, a lot of good things happened when there have been recessions.

  • Consistency. Whatever the business is, whatever the strategy is, if there is not consistency there cannot be any success long term.


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