Meet the amazing team behind Grow London Local

Meet the amazing team behind Grow London Local
Grow London Local
Grow London LocalMatching London small businesses to support

Posted: Wed 7th Feb 2024

Grow London Local is the one place to get free access to all the support you need to help grow your business.

Want to know more about us and what we do? Let us introduce ourselves.

How our Business Support Managers can help you

While there's so much business support online, sometimes all you need is to speak to someone who knows exactly how to help.

Our Business Support Managers are ready to help your business. Why not get in touch today to book a free consultation? Our team is here to listen to the challenges you're having and to help you find the right support. That means you can focus on doing what you love: running your business.

Depending on where you are in London, here are the people you'll meet.


Grow London Local: Geoffrey and Joshua, two of our Business Support Managers in north London


Your team in north London

  • Francis spends much of his time helping young people get into higher education. With a background in business growth, he knows what makes small business owners tick – and what will help you thrive. He's fluent in Bengali and speaks Hindi and Urdu.

  • Having dedicated years to helping struggling people find employment, Geoffrey wants to continue his personal mission to make meaningful change. He's ready to connect with you and use his vast knowledge and experience to support your small business. Geoffrey also speaks Ga.

  • Born and raised in the city, Joshua is a proud Londoner and appreciates the value that small businesses bring to their communities. He's excited to work with founders like you and find ways for your London business to go from strength to strength.

  • Entrepreneurial Leeanne has worked on a number of business support programmes over the years, and loves to get involved in the community. She's eager to share her knowledge and experience with small business owners throughout the borough. Leeanne also speaks Shona.

  • Experienced adviser Marie-Francoise has a long track record of helping businesses expand and grow. She's spent large parts of her career working in other countries but she's now setting her sights on the amazing small businesses across north London. Marie-Francoise also speaks French and German.


Grow London Local: Leeanne and Edwina, two of our Business Support Managers in London


Your team in south London

  • Since university, business management graduate Danny has been putting everything he's learned into practice. He wants his home city of London to be a leading place for small business and he's waiting to help you with your business ambitions too. Danny also speaks some Polish.

  • Edwina believes strongly in the importance of helping businesses develop and has devoted her career to it. She has a vast amount of experience to draw on and, as a long-time business coach, will know exactly what approach to take with your business. Edwina speaks a little Spanish.

  • With more than a decade working in events and tourism, Lai is ready to set her creative mind to helping small businesses like yours. A social butterfly, she's great at connecting with people – which is what running a business is all about. Lai also speaks Cantonese.

  • With a talent in community and business development, Nick is excited to support Londoners with their businesses. He's as proud of London as you are – and dedicated to finding ways for your small business to have as much success as possible.

  • Winnie brings a wealth of experience in supporting small businesses with their growth. With her great problem-solving skills, she'll help you with anything that's getting in the way of your business taking its next steps towards success. Winnie also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.


Grow London Local: Brandon, Lai and Kristen, three of our Business Support Managers


Your team in east London

  • With all his business experience, Brandon is keen to help businesses like yours have a positive impact in their communities. He sees how small businesses can make a difference to society, and will take any opportunity he can to support them. Brandon also speaks Classical Arabic.

  • Kim has a wealth of experience providing services to the NHS, and plenty of insight to offer when it comes to customer service and sales. She'll work with you to identify how you can start selling more and find new ways to delight your own customers.

  • With a wide range of customer service experience, Tomi knows what first-class support looks like. He's recently helped young people get into apprenticeships and is now ready to apply his skills to supporting small business owners like you. Tomi also speaks Yoruba.

  • Monowar is passionate about business development across east London. His impressive background includes consulting and advising London-based SMEs on ways to become more profitable and sustainable. He enjoys getting involved in the local economy and currently volunteers at Homerton Hospital. He also speaks Bangla.

Your team in west London

  • A natural leader, Shuaib has a keen understanding of what it takes to run a business. Their love of technology means they're well placed to advise on how your business can use software and apps to work more productively. Shuaib also speaks Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

  • As a former small business owner in the recruitment industry, Kristen knows the ins and outs of running your own business. She volunteered at the Federation of Small Businesses, gaining valuable insight on advocating for London-based small business owners like you.


Grow London Local: Support for London's small businesses

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Grow London Local
Grow London LocalMatching London small businesses to support

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