Meet the six awesome Enterprise Nation members pitching to Planet Organic & John Lewis on Friday

Meet the six awesome Enterprise Nation members pitching to Planet Organic & John Lewis on Friday

Posted: Thu 22nd Mar 2018

Entrepreneurs will gather in London this Friday (23 March) to hear from industry experts about growing a brilliant wellness business at the Wellness Exchange.

Among those on stage will be these three Enterprise Nation members who will pitch products to buyers from retail giants Planet Organic and John Lewis. If you'd like to see the pitches live and hear from the other great speakers, tickets are still available.

Pitching to retail buyers in one of the many benefits of Enterprise Nation membership.

See upcoming opportunities here and if you're not a member, buy the combined event/membership ticket to the Wellness Exchange which gives you membership for a year and 25% off the event.

John Lewis

Deepika Malla, Street Bargains

Describe your business in one sentence.

100% Natural Bath and Beauty products including Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Luxurious Bath Bombs, Rejuvenating Soaps and Shower Gels, Handmade in UK.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for John Lewis?

Currently there is a huge market gap for luxurious UK made bath bombs and bath salts in any of the superstores. Our product has already been tested in the market and has received some tremendous feedback.

Our product fills that gap and provides luxurious, high quality bath, beauty and wellness products to the UK consumers that have been handcrafted in the UK.

We are striving to creating a luxury UK beauty brand, and also in the process, contributing towards the growth of UK economy in our small little way.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

Our vision is to become the leading supplier/exporter of UK made luxury bath and beauty products.

There is a very high demand for UK made, 100% natural beauty products both in the UK and abroad. We are working towards making strategic business partnerships to help us achieve our goals.

Chloe Pinheiro, Chloe Pinheiro Design

Describe your business in one sentence.

Bold, colourful and mood lifting painted designs, which are digitally printed onto a range of UK manufactured cotton & velvet cushions.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for John Lewis?

I would love the opportunity to pitch to Zoe Brady, as I am a lifelong customer of John Lewis.

John Lewis is one of my favourite retailers and it would be a huge personal achievement for my cushions to be stocked and sold to their customers.

I am an artist passionate about creating colourful designs that add happiness, vibrancy and texture to people's homes. I would love John Lewis to join my colour movement!

I believe my product is right for John Lewis as it stands out from the crowd.

As a John Lewis shopper, I know that their customers are looking for unique products that have the John Lewis stamp of quality.

My cushions are inspired by hotter climates, they are infused with colour, with the intent of bringing extra vibrancy to homes in the UK!

I have a range of designs which vary from my ocean inspired Sea Urchin Shells, to my tropical leaves and my warm mountains.

Each of my designs is inspired by a nostalgic memory in a warm sunny place. Whoever you are, wherever you live, everyone is invited to join my colour adventure!

What is your vision for the future of your business?

I hope to expand my product range into more colourful and exciting homewares and accessories and engaging with more and more people that love colour as much as I do.

Nisa Shah, Sleep Organic

Describe your business in one sentence.

Certified organic and Fairtrade cotton bedding for kids with a unique design premium quality.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for John Lewis?

We have a similar audience

John Lewis' customers are aware and conscious of sustainability and environmental issues and they also love uniqueness and premium quality goods. We supply both. Our slogan is 'Luxury meets sustainability'.

We are an ethical business and John Lewis is too

We offer cotton bedding GOTS standard, certified by Soil Association and we are registered with Fairtrade UK. Our bedding has got certification labels which give customers surety of genuine organic and helps them make a purchase decision quick and easy.

We complement John Lewis' existing range, yet offer more

John Lewis is currently offering a few organic bedding products. We offer a full range of cot and cot bed duvet covers, pillowcase and flat sheets John Lewis is selling duvet covers and flat sheets only.

Our products sizes fits well with the duvets, pillows and mattresses on sale in John Lewis. Our kids bedding has adorable sleeping bunny embroidery which makes it unique. We are offering very high quality cotton sateen 300TC, the softest cotton bedding available for kids!

John Lewis has high credibility

Our certification (both organic and Fairtrade) covers every step in the supply chain. It considers everyone involved, from farmers to the person cutting the fabric, cleaning the factory, or driving the vehicles.

When textiles carry the GOTS and Fairtrade label it means certified organic, safe working conditions, no discrimination, and no child labour.

Long term partnership

People are getting more and more aware of the benefits of organic textiles, and specifically for very young children, so the demand of organic textiles is fast growing.

We strongly believe John Lewis' customers would like to see more organic bedding.

We would love to create an exclusive kids range for John Lewis with a view to expanding this in the future. Our production capacity can meet even the highest of demands.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

We have a plan to expand our baby bedding range to sleepwear and towels by next year.

Our vision is to make Sleep Organic the go-to company when it comes to authentic, stylish and ethical sleeping products from pillowcases to mattresses. We have also developed an adults' bedding and sleep wear range.

We aim to double our capacity within 12 months.

We work with local artists to continue to create unique designs for our kids and adult range.

Planet Organic

Stefania Pellegrino, Vittoria Enterprises

Describe your business in one sentence.

Purely Plantain Chips: a revolution on the traditional snack-style.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for John Lewis?

I think pitching to Planet Organic will be a great opportunity to present this new brand in front of a buyer and get real feedback on the product and the brand.

Purely could be a great match for the Planet Organic range.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

The vision is for Purely to be on a global level and to bring a revolution to snacking habits worldwide.

Yvonne Dolan, Blendi Smoothie

Describe your business.

Blendi is doing for Smoothies what Nespresso has done for coffee; making it convenient.

Blendi is a packet of freeze dried fruit and vegetables enabling the consumers to make a smoothie in seconds.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for Planet Organic?

Blendi is first to market with a single serving packet of freeze dried fruit and vegetables to produce a smoothie in seconds.

Blendi founder mum and co-founder Shane has developed the creamiest and tastiest smoothie while maintaining the same nutritional benefits

Blendi has decided not to go into Supermarkets but is instead looking to partner with speciality stores in Europe.

Blendi has been shortlisted as the World Best Health & Wellness Product for 2018.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

Our vision is to build Blendi as a superfood carrier.

Nutraceuticals, superfoods are all produced in a freeze dried powder.

Consumers are looking for ways to consume these powders and are see smoothies and juices as a good carrier.

The problem with smoothies and juices is the time element involved in the preparation and needing fresh ingredients. Blendi solves this problem.

Maria Magembe, Daughter of the Soil Skincare

An 'ethical luxe' natural beauty range for all skin types, based on African-heritage botanical oils to deeply nourish, protect and moisturise the skin.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for Planet Organic?

Daughter of the Soil (DOTS) is the next generation of natural skincare: a stand out collection that is not only healthy but also luxurious and inspiring.

Our brand is based on the principles of lavishing the body with natural goodness, using time-tested ingredients to deeply nourish, protect and moisturise the skin.

We are care about skin health and what ingredients we put on our skin. We believe in nurturing natural beauty and we love the inexhaustible variety of botanical oils from across Africa that are proven to regenerate all skin.

Our plant-based, nutrient-rich formulations are powered by African botanical oils that are associated with an array of health benefits -from protecting against free radical damage, to supporting cell regeneration and effectively tackling dull, dry and sensitive skin.

Like Planet Organic, we are aware of our responsibility towards the planet and are passionate about responsible sourcing, Fairtrade, animal rights and eco-friendly lifestyles.

We choose to support activities that respect nature and contribute to wellbeing and wholeheartedly embrace the goodness from the soil.

By intentionally opting for organic and natural ingredients, we have created environmentally responsible, healthy products that are free from toxins and animal cruelty and deeply nourish, protect and moisturise the skin.

Our products have been carefully curated in alignment with our values of heritage, wellbeing, inclusive beauty and empowerment, responding to the skincare needs of women, men and children of today.

DOTS aims to nurture more than just skin through supporting marginalised rural women farmers in Uganda as part of our unique 'Connect the DOTS' initiative.

The inaugural vocational training programme, currently running in the Mityana region, is providing farmers with new knowledge, skills and tools they need to achieve a sustainable income.

By nurturing trainers and leaders among the women, who then go on to train and nurture others, sale of Daughter of the Soil products will be making difference to the lives and future of rural women farmers for generations to come.

Having the opportunity to pitch would be a dream come true for us but also we believe a great opportunity for Planet Organic to add to their product mix, a range that represents the next generation of natural and organic beauty products, powered by superfoods for the skin.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

There is an African proverb that says "until the lion can tell her own story, every tale will glorify the hunter."

Botanical oils have become popular over the last few decades in the West, but these oils have been used in Africa for centuries to nourish, moisturize and protect the skin. T

here is a deep affection and respect for these treasured ingredients in the native communities where they originate from: from the tree, to the fruit to the oils. The uses are virtually endless and there are beautiful stories of culture and rituals which we celebrate.

In the premium market place, very few skincare brands distinctly showcase African heritage and that is why we exist.

Changing demographics, social trends and an increased interest in the proven benefits of African botanical ingredients means that there is a gap in the premium market that DOTS can fill.

We share Africa's most unique and treasured ingredients in each of our exceptional products that are effective, luxurious and ultimately 'good' for all skin types.

The power of our brand is in its authenticity, inspired by the original daughter of the soil Onyang (founder Maria's great-grandmother) who lived on the fertile landscape of Eastern Uganda.

From that soil grew treasured and unique botanicals that Onyang used to create nourishing beauty products that she shared with the women around her.

Our dream is to continue her legacy of nurturing natural beauty and celebrating the natural treasures from the African soil with the rest of the world.

We hope to be known as the leading brand for African botanicals as one that delivers quality and caters for all skin types. We want to be accessible on the shelves of the big retailers alongside others established global brands in the marketplace.

The beauty of our story of treasured ingredients, beautifully crafted is uniquely and elegantly reflected in our product, packaging and branding.

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