Meet the Local Leader: Lucy Kebbell

Meet the Local Leader: Lucy Kebbell

Posted: Fri 10th Jun 2022

Enterprise Nation is on a mission to take the loneliness out of entrepreneurship. Through our local meet-up campaign, we're offering a ready-made support network to small business owners across the UK and Ireland.

These monthly meet-ups wouldn't exist without our army of Local Leaders; amazing individuals who are passionate about supporting small businesses, and are committed to their local community.

Here, we meet Lucy Kebbell, your Local Leader for South East London.

Lucy, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a sustainability advocate and writer, as well as an entrepreneur. In 2018 I founded The Vendeur, a media platform that allows me to explore the true meaning of sustainable living and share this with others.

I also host a podcast called Style With Substance. More recently I founded The WIP, a digital membership platform for sustainable small businesses and entrepreneurs to find community and helpful resources. 

Prior to this I worked for 10 years in luxury fashion media, for publications like Harpers Bazaar, Town and Country and InStyle. I have a strong background in digital media as well as holding previous roles as a social media strategist for sustainable businesses. 

I currently live in a half-finished house in South East London with my fiancé, our toddler and an ungrateful cat. We are slowly renovating and hope to have our kitchen finished this year. I enjoy Pilates, going for walks, good books and podcasts. 

What inspired you to become an Enterprise Nation Local Leader? 

I first learned about Enterprise Nation through a contact who was herself a Local Leader. At the time, during lockdown, we were running our own digital events supporting entrepreneurs with skills they needed.

She suggested I give a presentation at her own local meet-up and I really enjoyed it. I was then put forward as a leader for South East London, and I haven't looked back. 

Tell us about the small business scene in South East London.  

In recent years, a lot of people have moved from central London to South East London and so the scene is very vibrant, creative and growing. It's a wonderful mixture of consultants and services as well as small, customer-facing businesses and wellness experts. 

What challenges are businesses in your area facing? 

In recent months, our meet-ups have covered a lot of topics, from loneliness, to social media and email marketing, as well as starting a business. Product-based businesses are also struggling to feel seen; they find limitations with social media frustrating as they can't afford to pay the money needed to reach a wider audience.

Why should small business owners in and around South East London consider joining your monthly meet-up? 

I’m a friendly and chatty person who loves finding out about people and their businesses. We have a fairly laid-back approach to our sessions and have a really diverse community of entrepreneurs and business owners.

I encourage every attendee to share their challenges – if they feel comfortable – and to ask questions. Our group just love sharing experiences and tips with one another.


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