Meet the government's new business secretary

Meet the government's new business secretary
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Posted: Mon 11th May 2015

David Cameron has announced Sajid Javid as the government's new business secretary. Dan Martin finds out more about the man who replaces Vince Cable.

The boss of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is one of the top jobs in government with big hitters like Peter Mandelson and Lord Young holding the role in previous administrations. Liberal Democrat Vince Cable was the BIS chief under the coalition government and his defeat in last week's general election was even mourned by some Tories.

But with David Cameron's securing of a majority government he is able to appoint the first all-Tory Cabinet for 18 years and the new secretary of state for business is Sajid Javid.

Sajid Javid MP becomes Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills @bisgovuk #reshuffle #Ministers2015 pic.twitter.com/UaSxi8ALjd

"" UK Prime Minister (@Number10gov) May 11, 2015

So who is the man that Britain's business owners will now be keeping their eye on?

Javid was born in Rochdale in 1969 to humble beginnings. His father was a Pakistani immigrant who moved to the UK and opened a shop. Following a state school education Javid studied economics and politics at the University of Exeter where he became a member of the Conservative Party.

After university Javid forged a career in banking including becoming Chase Manhatten Bank's youngest vice-president. His last private sector job was at Deutsche Bank after which he moved into politics.

During the coalition government Javid had four jobs; economic secretary, financial secretary to the Treasury,culture secretary and minister for equalities.

Javid is seen as a rising star in the Conservative Party and has been widely tipped as a furture Tory leader.

Commenting on his appointment the Guardian's Andrew Sparrow said the MP was never suited to the culture job given his "cultural interest was thought to extend little beyond Star Trek", but "at business he will be in his element".

Sparrow added: "The previous business secretary, the Lib Dem Vince Cable, had a prickly relationship with George Osborne, but Javid was once Osborne PPS and is regarded as his protege, and BIS officials will be glad to have a boss with clout at the Treasury."

Enterprise Nation will seek an interview with Javid to find out his plans and what they mean for our members.

Dan Martin is head of content at Enterprise Nation.

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