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Steve Simmonds
Steve SimmondsThe Big Pitcher

Posted: Tue 17th Apr 2018

Preparation of presentations and pitches is too often left until the last minute when they are arguably the most important aspect of your sales and marketing effort.

You've spent months developing your products or services, but then only a couple of hours on your pitch.

In this online masterclass, Steve Simmonds from The Big Pitcher will help you perfect your presentations and develop a toolbox of stories and messaging that will resonate with your different audiences to get the outcomes you want.

You'll learn how to:

  • Focus on your audience and what they want or need

  • Optimise the three key ingredients of your presentation: Narrative, design & delivery

  • Make your core proposition irresistible

  • Keep your presentation tight, and get rid of the unnecessary noise

  • Connect with your audience, keep them engaged and get the results you both want

Steve Simmonds
Steve SimmondsThe Big Pitcher
From Proposition to Presentation we get your communications on point, engaging and valuable for their audiences.._x000D_ _x000D_ If you're developing your elevator pitch, client presentation or a full blown seminar, we'll make your messages stick_x000D_

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