Mark your card for Go and Grow Online Galway digital drop-ins

Mark your card for Go and Grow Online Galway digital drop-ins
Fiona AlstonFreelance JournalistFiona Alston Media

Posted: Tue 26th Jul 2022

Enterprise Nation advisers Paddy McDermott and Brian Cooney chat to us head of their ‘outing’ at the Go and Grow Online digital drop-ins in Galway this week.

The first of the events is to be held in Portershed in Galway city on Wednesday 27th July 2022.

With the city already a buzz with the Galway Races Summer Festival we expect to have a ‘winning session’ where we will hear from successful business owner Claudine Curran, graphic designer and owner of Curran Design, as she shares business journey and expertise of creating your brand identity and marketing to make sure your business is ‘first past the post.’

Portershed panel

The advisers on our Portershed panel are Paddy McDermott and Louise Lally.

Ahead of the event, we asked business adviser Paddy to tell us how businesses can attract and retain staff, given the staffing issues, particularly in hospitality and retail, since the pandemic.

“It’s a challenging situation, and it’s challenging for everybody because it’s not just small businesses that are suffering.

“The good news is that the new generations are more influenced by the purpose of the company and what the products stand for. Younger people like to be associated with companies that have a strong purpose and a strong purpose portfolio.”

Whether you’re hiring staff or simply just trying to streamline your company message, thinking about your ‘purpose’ is important and you’ll get a chance to ask Paddy, Louise and Claudine questions at the end of the drop-in session.

Ballinasloe drop-in

Paddy will also be making an appearance at the Ballinasloe drop-in event on Thursday 28th July 2022.

This ‘card will get underway’ with an inspiring talk from Chloe Gardiner of The Wonky Woolins, as she shares her experience of building her brand, diversifying her business and selling online. A panel discussion will follow, including Enterprise Nation advisers Paddy McDermott, Brian Cooney and Aoife Lenihan.

With inflation carrying very much the ‘top weight’ in business news these days, Brian tells us he’s had many businesses worrying about adjusting their prices accordingly.

“The primary issue is the impact inflation is having on the prices of goods and services, and businesses having the inability to either be aware of the impact it’s having on their pricing and their margin, and how then they can work with their customers to pass that price on.”

“You need to know how to demonstrate value to your customer if you are passing on a price increase. Why is it worth their while to spend the extra money?”

Again, there will be an opportunity at the end of the panel discussion to ask Aoife, Brian, Paddy and Chloe about your pressing business needs.

Why not ‘mark your card’ and register for one of our drop-in sessions this week to get your small business’s ‘nose in front’.

Okay, we’ll stop the racing puns now…


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Fiona AlstonFreelance JournalistFiona Alston Media

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