Lunch and Learn: Company goals, company culture and vision

Anne Beth Jordan

Posted: Fri 18th Mar 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, Anne-Beth Jordan, a business and personal development coach, tells you how to set and accomplish your company goals, culture and vision. 

Anne set up a coaching, mentoring and advisory business, assisting clients with whatever they needed to help make their businesses successful, easy to run, putting in plans and strategies and looking at why they do what they do.

Anne is passionate about enabling clients to look to the future, ensuring their business is sustainable (an overused word) and that they make the space and time for themselves, their family, and friends. 

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Business today needs to work around open mindset and life balance

  • It’s not always easy but it is achievable

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Anne Beth Jordan
With over 30 years of experience in the fast fashion and home fashion industry, designing and manufacturing under our brand Beth Jordan and under White label (clients’ label), I feel in a position to offer my help and expertise in many areas of STARTUP or running an existing business. Business goes through so many transitions and transformations, and no matter how entrepreneurial we are, it’s helpful to get outside support from others' expertise, to enhance our own skills and knowledge. while building our businesses and reaching our desired dreams. As a fledgling business back in the 1980s, although the structure of business remains very much the same today, it was easier to access funding and grow the business, as there was a vibrant air of enthusiasm and openness for all things new. Many called those years the halcyon years. Today, business is still exciting, but I feel we have other types of challenges and new knowledge required that I did not have in my formative business development. However, I feel with the practical, hands-on business experience and knowledge gained, through surviving recessions, economic down and upturns, constantly reinventing the business to remain relevant and exciting, I have a deeper understanding of many areas of business which are only gained through experience. One particular area which more and more people find in running a business is as a single parent and trying to meet all the needs required to stay healthy and happy and ensure our children come first. My own experience of this has helped me position myself in assisting many business owners who are in similar situations. So as STARTUP 22 begins on 21st January 2022, I’m offering my services as a Business Adviser and look forward to meeting many new people in the world of business. I offer a free initial consultation which I call a DISCOVERY CALL as well as a free 30 minute deeper conversation so that both my client and I can get to know each other and ascertain if we are a good fit to move forward together. Looking forward to STARTUP 2022 Anne Beth Jordan 07951764814 jordanabcoaching@gmail.com

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