Lunch and Learn: Winning business as a new freelance consultant

Susanne Evans
Susanne EvansFeldspar Consulting Ltd

Posted: Thu 11th Feb 2021

Watch back: Winning business as a new freelance consultant

In this webinar, Dr Susanne Evans shares some of the techniques she has learnt over her career to win new business, build your network and manage your business successfully. Susanne will also share the mistakes she has made, so that you can avoid making them.

Susanne is an organisation change and storytelling consultant with over 20 years of experience both within large consultancy firms and in her own firm, Feldspar Consulting.

Susanne Evans
Susanne EvansFeldspar Consulting Ltd
Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Researcher and Speaker. Change management, storytelling, organisation development, leadership, coaching, people management. Host of the ChangeStories podcast, a podcast aimed at everyone interested in achieving meaningful and lasting change, both as an individual and in organisations. In each episode, I have a conversation with a guest about their work to draw out stories, insights and learning about change. Founded in academic research, I use storytelling and conversations to create sustainable change within individuals and organisations. Organisations can still move forward, but at a pace that is manageable and sustainable to the organisation and the people within it.   In addition to supporting organisations through change, I also work as a consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator. I work in partnership with my clients to enable them to improve organisational and individual performance and retain and develop talented individuals through targeted development programmes and performance management processes. Other areas of expertise include: Trainer and facilitator of leadership development programmes focusing on change leadership, team building and conflict resolution. Business coach, experienced in providing guidance and support to SME's as they develop and grow. Some of this coaching has been provided as part of the Growth Accelerator programme. Experienced HR manager, able to support organisations through grievance and disciplinary procedures, recruitment, training and development and talent management.

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