Lunch and Learn: When and how to grow your team without stress

Ola Molade
Ola MoladePlatinum Integrations Ltd T/A Gr8 New Me

Posted: Wed 6th Dec 2023

In this Lunch and Learn, Ola Molade dives into how you can determine what support you need and the best skills to bring on in the early days of your business.

She also explains how to get the best out of your new team, without resorting to micromanagement and will help ensure your decision is financially sound!

Ola is a coach, speaker and author, working with leaders who aim to make a difference while continuing to thrive from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective. Her background includes over 25 years of experience working in financial services, running multi-million-pound change programmes, running her own business, supporting fast-growing companies to scale effectively and bringing up two children.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover a step-by-step method for working out how to fund new hires

  • Find out a simple but proven method for delegating effectively

  • Uncover the secrets to foster a happy supportive relationship between yourself and your team

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Ola Molade
Ola MoladePlatinum Integrations Ltd T/A Gr8 New Me
I'm a Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Author working with leaders who aim to make a difference, whilst continuing to thrive from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective. My background includes over 25 years’ experience working in financial services running multi-million £ change programmes; running my own business supporting fast growing businesses to scale effectively; and, bringing up 2 children. I'm a qualified nutritionist, a life coach, & a published author. I came to coaching having had first-hand experience of how coaching can open up new possibilities and opportunities, which allowed me to resolve situations that had seemed completely impossible. The transformational effects coaching had on my life led me to explore coaching further and become an accredited coach.I believe that everything is connected. All the inputs that come into our lives – the messages we hear, the beliefs we embrace, the foods we eat, the company we keep, and so on – all impact on how we experience life… I work with people to help illuminate how much choice we all have over the inputs we accept in our lives so these choices can be utilised to create a different/enhanced experience. Building business resilience and agility Dealing with the uncertainty of changing markets, evolving expectations and / or disappointing results can erode confidence and motivation in teams – a direct consequence of which can be an impact on overall company performance. I offer Leadership Development support helping leaders with confidence, resilience, and stress management. I do this through workshops, group coaching, 1-2-1 coaching and access to my lonely leader podcasts. My work with teams fosters cohesiveness around common goals and liberates fresh energy and enthusiasm to creatively face off to challenges both inside and outside of the organisation. My approach engenders: - Heightened tolerance to uncertainty - An ability to focus on new possibilities and creative solutions - Enhanced flexible thinking and a growth mindset - The motivation and presence required to lead with confidence I work with organisations and teams via 1-2-1 leadership coaching, workshops, team days, and consulting assignments. I also regularly run workshops looking at issues such as Staff Retention & Productivity, Morale & Motivation, Team Cohesiveness, Burnout, Impostor Syndrome, Self-Care, Work-life Balance and Workplace Stress. Qualifications Member International Coaching Federation Diploma Transformation Coaching Masters in Business Administration (MBA) BSc Computer Science Diploma Nutrition & Weight Management

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