Lunch and Learn: How to protect your mental health as a business founder

Dr Gracie McLaven
Dr Gracie McLavenBrain Body Wealth Ltd.

Posted: Fri 10th Nov 2023

In this Lunch and Learn, Dr Gracie McLaven shares her expertise to help you better understand the impact of poor mental health in the workplace.

She also explains how to notice if your mental health has been affected – for example, whether you're experiencing high levels of stress and burnout – as well as providing meaningful strategies to improve your mental health.

Dr Gracie is a highly qualified doctor in clinical psychology who uses her specialist knowledge to support business leaders with prioritising their wellbeing, nurturing their teams and creating a compassionate and thriving workplace.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Gain a better understanding of the impact of poor mental health in the workplace

  • How to spot if your or your team's mental health and wellbeing is negatively affected

  • How to improve and protect mental health within the workplace

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Dr Gracie McLaven
Dr Gracie McLavenBrain Body Wealth Ltd.
Hi, I’m Dr. Gracie McLaven, a Clinical Psychologist and the brains behind Brain · Body · Wealth. I utilise my specialist expertise to support business leaders to prioritise their own well-being as well as nurture their teams in order to elevate business outcomes and create a compassionate & thriving workplace. Brain Body Wealth offers bespoke corporate wellbeing packages which include expert consultation, mental health and wellbeing talks, and workshops on a range of topics such as burnout, stress management, and much, much more. Consultation Specialist consultation to elevate the work you’re already doing Input from expert doctors in psychology A data-driven approach to best understand the needs of the company Personalised recommendations Upskilling Training for leaders to help them to prioritise their own mental health whilst managing and considering the team’s mental health Bespoke well-being workshops for your staff on a range of mental health topics that your team could benefit from learning about (depression, anxiety, burnout etc.) Talks on a wide range of mental health topic Support 1:1 individual well-being booster sessions for your staff Connections with a network of brilliant psychologists for 1:1 therapy for staff Reflective spaces to connect as a team and discuss stressors Mental Health Content Therapist-written content filled with expert knowledge, tips, and strategies to keep well within the workplace, which can be embedded into your company as you see fit Materials to develop your own mental health & wellbeing resources file accessible to all staff Support with writing and implementing ‘mental health at work' risk assessments We know that businesses come in all shapes and sizes with differing wellness needs. That’s why we have a range of services and create bespoke packages just for you. So, let’s chat and see how my business, BBW can help you.

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