Lunch and Learn: Unleash ChatGPT's power for your business and wellbeing

Posted: Mon 25th Sep 2023

Ever wondered how AI could be the key to transforming your business efficiency and personal wellbeing?

In this Lunch and Learn, Ayse Basak Cinar dives into the world of artificial intelligence and explores its potential to revolutionise both your business efficiency and personal wellbeing.

She shares the pivotal role of AI in business processes and decision-making and explains the wonders of ChatGPT. Optimise your time management, boost productivity, and prioritise self-care like never before.

Ayse is an internationally accredited coach (EQA awarded, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council), a professional trainer (MBA, PhD) and TEDx organiser and professional speaker.

She is a pioneer in the realm of leadership coaching, leveraging a growth mindset to empower high-achieving female leaders and entrepreneurs. Ayse equips them with the tools to overcome the challenges of time constraints.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Understand the role of AI in business and its strengths and limitations, including its impact on business processes, decision-making, customer experiences, and potential biases

  • Learn how ChatGPT prompting works

  • Discover the practical applications of AI, specifically ChatGPT, for time management, productivity improvement, and self-care practices

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An internationally accredited coach (EQA Awarded, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council), a professional trainer (DDS, MBA, PhD, DSci), and TEDX Organizer and Professional Speaker. Dr. Cinar pioneers in the field of leadership coaching, underpinned by growth mindset to have a profound impact on the way the world does business for positive transformation of lives through unlocking and maximizing full potential of professionals. Dr. Cinar is experienced at professional 1-1 coaching (over 850 hours), coaching and leadership training (over 550 hours), coaching/mentoring supervision (over 120 hours), bespoke training (over 850 hours). Most recently, she has become a TEDx organizer and speaker. Dr. Cinar is the winner of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council International Coaching Award (2016), 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award, 50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare Management–2016 for her international “resilient self-leadership coaching” project. Dr. Cinar is an accredited Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach for Effective Leadership Development, and 360 Feedback Assessment. Most recently, she has become a Mental Fitness Coach for Business through a globally success-proven training programme that has been shown to increase, for example, Self-Confidence (83%), Stress and Conflict Management Skills (91% vs. 84%), Leadership skills (30%), Employee engagement and Satisfaction (33%). Dr. Cinar currently coaches at Aspiring Women Project in collaboration with Women Business Station to Boost Self-Confidence and Resilience Skills of female entrepreneurs. She has been also selected as a Women Enterprise Scotland Ambassador (2022) to Empower Resilient and Confident Women Leadership. Dr Cinar coaches one-one and in teams along with coaching training and supervisions for professionals since 2010 through collaboration with diverse international/national stakeholders and business partners. Dr. Cinar provides coaching services to social enterprises such as Know You More and Mindberry that she coaches NHS female professionals and female managers in business for self-confidence, stress-management, resilient leadership, time and priority management. She has coached UK Young Female Leaders (UK 101 Leadership development Program, Level Up). Dr. Cinar works as a consultant coach at the University of Dundee to design, deliver, and assess international coaching trainings with a specific focus on resilient and confident leadership development to international stakeholders. For example, she designed, delivered, and assessed a 96- hours coaching program where she coached the participants for confident self-leadership development and initiated the international accreditation of the training. Dr. Cinar has become a TEDX organizer and speaker for Resilient Female Leadership for Sustainable Development. Dr Cinar has been designing and delivering innovative bespoke training and workshops to business (e.g., Munich Re, Loreal-UNESCO Women in Science, UN Global Week, Fife Business Week, European Mentoring and Coaching Covid-19 series; the Fire Starter Festival, organized by the Government) about certain topics (e.g., Confident Resilient Leadership, Leading with EI, Future skills in the VUCA World, Responsible Leadership & Sustainability, Employee Engagement and Mental Wellbeing). Dr.Cinar has been defined by her coachees and mentees as a very calm and compassionate coach creating `Aha Moments and enabling creative solutions`. She loves to be in nature and to do meditation.

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