Lunch and Learn: Tips for a successful start to the financial year

Yarka Krajickova
Yarka KrajickovaStepping Stones Accountancy

Posted: Tue 26th Mar 2024

In this session, led by renowned entrepreneur, Yarka Krajickova, you can gain actionable insights and expert guidance to drive your business forward in the upcoming financial year.

From navigating financial complexities to refining marketing strategies, Yarka provides practical tools and strategies to empower attendees.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Craft a clear financial roadmap tailored to your business's goals and needs

  • Learn how to plan and be ready for all the filings in time

  • Proactive financial management: Monitor financial health regularly and make informed decisions for sustained growth

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Yarka Krajickova
Yarka KrajickovaStepping Stones Accountancy
Here to help you achieve your business goals and reduce your tax. We’re technology focused accountants with high customer satisfaction at heart. We specialize in Tax Planning, cashflow forecasting for new businesses and startups. I also run workshops focusing on working from home expenses, frequently asked questions, quickbooks nose around... I also guest speak for group or in person- 5 tips to a smooth tax return, 5 reasons to do your tax return in June...

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