Lunch and Learn: The key to effective communication for your small business

Tim Elliott
Tim ElliottThe Spill Teem®

Posted: Mon 10th May 2021

Watch back: The key to effective communication for your small business

What's the ideal action you'd love your audience, clients, team members, or partners to take? Are they doing it? Are they committed or compliant? Communication drives behaviour and behaviour is driven by what we understand.

In this Lunch and Learn webinar recording, Tim Elliott spoke about what makes communication effective, why it matters and the power of understanding your communication story. You'll also hear about your communication values and how putting them into action will create clear, concise, thought-provoking, and inspiring communication experiences for everyone in contact with your brand.

Tim Elliott
Tim ElliottThe Spill Teem®
Thanks for visiting my profile, now let me introduce myself. I am driven to help shift the thinking culture in organisations around climate change & become a responsible, sustainable business. When I say responsible sustainable business I mean one that has a positive impact on the environment in which it operates ... We know we need to take urgent action but not react but respond with a clear understanding and strategy of how your organisation can make a positive impact. For over 25 years I've worked in the creative services industry providing strategic thinking and creative services to hundreds if not, thousands of businesses. From owning my own agencies to working on the client-side with some great organisations in CMO level roles. For the latest 10 or more of those years, the work I do evolve to be a practitioner of human-centred design methodology.  This is why I a super proud to be one of the design strategists at the Spill Teem where I can try and make the world a better place through human-centred design. As well as facilitating deeper strategic workshops with The Spill Teem my work regularly shows up through public speaking, delivering keynotes and talks at conferences through to leadership retreats and community groups. Outside of the ‘day job’  My time is filled with some brilliant projects I am co-host of The REMarkable Podcast, where I and my co-host Steve, have long-form, free-flowing conversations with people doing remarkable things in their life or work so that their stories might inspire us to remarkable things too. You can listen and subscribe here: www.remarkablepodcast.co.uk I’m a Climate Reality Leader, trained by vice president Al gore  one of 36,000 leaders across the globe on a mission to catalyse a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every aspect of society I'm also an Entrepreneur In Residence at The University of Nottingham, which are a leader in sustainable business education and the 3rd best-ranked MBA in the UK. You may also have noticed in my headline a mention of running. I am a full-fledged member of the cult of running and if you don’t find me on zoom I'm more than likely running around the hills, trails and roads of the UK in preparation for running the UTMB in 2024, check out my Instagram @timelliottuk for more running stuff  Otherwise, that’s all from me apart from saying everything great starts with a conversation so please drop me a message anytime and we can arrange to meet or jump on a call Thank you Tim

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