Lunch and Learn: Uncommon strategies to boost productivity and profits

Yasmin Vorajee
Yasmin VorajeeTiny Time Big Results

Posted: Wed 3rd Apr 2024

In this Lunch and Learn, Yasmin Vorajee shares her fresh approach to time management. She explains why the solution isn't more hours in the day but rather tackling the root cause of your time struggles.

Explore how to transform your business model into a powerhouse of profitability without sacrificing your sanity or working endless hours.

Yasmin is the number one bestselling and award-winning author of Tiny Time Big Results: How to Run a Profitable 20 Hour Week Business. With over 25,000 students in over 150 countries, she is a messaging coach and business strategist. She teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to master the art of magnetic messaging so they can attract perfect-fit clients and sell high-value offers with ease.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover why you don't need more time, you just need to tackle the real issue

  • Learn how to make your business model a lot more lucrative (and doesn't require you to work longer hours)

  • Find out how to create an army of support in your business without the need for a big team or expensive overheads

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Yasmin Vorajee
Yasmin VorajeeTiny Time Big Results
Creator and #1 bestselling & award winning author of Tiny Time Big Results where she helps coaches and experts attract perfect fit clients with magnetic messaging. Her expertise and passion lies in helping business owners like you to craft a captivating marketing message and sell high value offers through messaging and speaking. The key to success in business is to keep it simple and lucrative. A former Vice President of Leadership Development, Yasmin specialises in business and marketing strategy and runs her thriving business from her home in rural Ireland around her 3 young children and farmer husband. Yasmin is passionate about helping people create financial independence, freedom and flexibility. Yasmin has featured in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Dublin City FM, The Huffington Post, Tatler, Evoke and the Sunday Independent.

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