Lunch and Learn: Power actions for entrepreneurs in the New Year

Melissa Gauge
Melissa GaugeSpare My Time

Posted: Mon 22nd Jan 2024

Heading into a new year can spark many emotions – excitement, uncertainty, determination and maybe a bit of fear. Whether 2023 marked a year of unprecedented growth or posed relentless challenges, the key to your success lies in dedicating time to reflecting on the past and planning for the future.

In this Lunch and Learn, Melissa Gauge, founder of SpareMyTime, covers the 12 key actions you should take in January to lay a foundation for a prosperous and strategic year ahead.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • A checklist of 12 actions that successful entrepreneurs always take as they begin a new year

  • The power of strategic focus

  • The importance of asking why for your small business's success

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Melissa Gauge
Melissa GaugeSpare My Time
I left the City in 2016 when it became clear that life with small children and a full-time executive career wasn’t for me.  I wanted to create something that really helped people, like me, who were forging a way forward, balancing work with family life.  When my children went to school I realised there were many highly talented individuals unable to return to work due to the limitations of childcare.  I also started to meet a number of exciting small businesses in need of support but were struggling to find an appropriate level of flexibility, quality and knowledge for their growing businesses.  This developed into a passion for building a solution for both sides.  A truly supportive working environment where people can thrive outside a classic 9-5 office structure whist providing reliable, high calibre support to businesses and individuals looking to achieve more productivity and peace of mind. SpareMyTime was born!

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