Lunch and Learn: Meet Shamanth, founder of Something Organic

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Posted: Fri 30th Jul 2021

Meet Shamanth, founder of Something Organic

Something Organic began with an 'aha' moment from an exhausted mother of three, Shamanth Pereira.

Shamanth fell in love with bamboo while searching for material to make a more sustainable fashion legging. She was keen on using bamboo yarns to make seamless compression leggings but couldn’t make them work - the yarns that met her performance expectations were too costly. Which meant, having to nearly double her retail price - that wouldn’t work either. Bamboo for leggings, were out. But now that she knew about bamboo, she couldn’t let it go.

Then she had her 'aha' moment!

What about using bamboo as toilet paper? Bamboo was a perfect swap because it is one of the fastest-growing plants. UN has included bamboo as a source to improve forest cover by as much as 10%. Also swapping single-use plastic for cardboard was a winner! And BOOM!

Something Organic was born. We chat to Shamanth about starting Something Organic, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and juggling motherhood whilst running a business! 

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