Lunch and Learn: Knowing when to outsource support for your business

Karen Watkins
Karen WatkinsKaren@rowanhr.com

Posted: Thu 18th Feb 2021

Watch back: Knowing when to outsource support for your business

Your business is important to you. You've watched it grow and lost sleep over it. As your business grows and you have more on your plate, the time may come to outsource support. In this webinar, Karen Watkins shares your options for outsourcing and how to find the right options for your business.

Karen explains how you can accept you don't need to do everything yourself, recognising the signs that it's time to get support, and what you should consider when outsourcing support.

Karen Watkins
Karen WatkinsKaren@rowanhr.com
Never has there been such an important time as now, to ensure that your employees and teams are on the bus and going in the same direction!  The success of your business is dependent upon engaged employees, who know where they are going and have a roadmap that demonstrates success, as well as leaders who LEAD by giving direction, offering clarity and who support their teams to reach their destination. We're here to support you in managing teams and individuals through change and growth, helping you make strong and lasting change within your business.  If you're asking yourself "why won't, or why can't they just...."  then we're here to help.

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