Lunch and Learn: How to use generative AI to grow your business

Sam Onigbanjo
Sam OnigbanjoGreat Business Platforms Ltd

Posted: Mon 25th Mar 2024

In this Lunch and Learn, Sam Onigbanjo demystifies the powerful capabilities of generative AI for entrepreneurs working from home.

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, understanding and leveraging AI is no longer optional but essential for scaling productivity, reducing costs and enhancing online visibility. In this session, Sam provides you with the tools and strategies needed to harness the potential of generative AI.

Sam is a seasoned business coach and technology marketer. He is at the forefront of using AI to help SMEs and entrepreneurs globally and has an impressive track record of over six years in the AI industry, specialising in generative imagery.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how to create generative imagery for marketing and other purposes

  • Find out how to prompt and solve almost any marketing or business problem

  • Find out how to create 90 days of social media content

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Sam Onigbanjo
Sam OnigbanjoGreat Business Platforms Ltd
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