Lunch and Learn: How to position yourself as a thought leader

Ollie Tiramuragan Collard
Ollie Tiramuragan CollardEnterprise Orchard

Posted: Mon 18th Mar 2024

In this Lunch and Learn, Ollie Collard shares practical strategies to elevate your personal brand, forge deeper connections with your audience and assert your authority in your domain. He helps you identify the unique blend of your expertise and passions, enabling you to carve out a niche where your voice is most impactful.

You will learn why it's crucial to not only connect with your audience but also actively involve them, fostering a committed community of followers.

Ollie is a start-up expert and the creative force behind the Founded & Grounded podcast.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how to identify your niche

  • Find out tactics to craft your story and let your authentic voice shine through

  • Discover the importance of not just reaching but actively engaging with your audience to cultivate a dedicated community of followers

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Ollie Tiramuragan Collard
Ollie Tiramuragan CollardEnterprise Orchard
I'm Ollie, creator of Founded & Grounded - UK's No.2 startup podcast. We're on mission to amplify the next generation of thought leaders by enabling you to tell your unique story.  Why? Born in a mud hut in Thithithagal, a small rural village in India, I grew up in the 80s watching my mum, fluent in Tamil, use business as a force for good as she pioneered Fair Trade organic cotton, with Bishopston Trading Co  AND transformed the South India village in the process. How we take you from the shadows to the spotlight You're a time-poor business owner who struggles with consistent content creation. You're not getting the plaudits you deserve. ​One interview can change everything. Join us in the studio for only two hours of your time, for an unforgettable experience with me, Ollie Collard. I have interviewed over 100 leading early-stage founders. ​We craft a 6-month content plan for you, filled with unique personal content that makes you shine. Inbound opportunities are only an interview away. - 52 Linkedin posts (2 per week) - 26 short-form videos - 2-hour interview - 45-minute pre-briefing strategy call - 6-month thought leadership plan delivered all in one place in Notion Book in a call now to organise your recording https://calendly.com/enterpriseorchard/discovery-meeting Ollie

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