Lunch and Learn: How to grow your sales at Christmas

Catherine Erdly
Catherine ErdlyThe Resilient Retail Club

Posted: Thu 2nd Nov 2023

In this Lunch and Learn, Catherine Erdly dives into the critical tasks and preparations needed for the final quarter of the year. She also shares why sales can fluctuate, and the actions to build consistency at this important time.

Catherine also explains how to identify your ideal customer and persuade them to choose your products, especially when they're budget-conscious due to the rising cost of living. You will also uncover the true potential of your email list as a potent marketing tool.

Catherine is a small business and retail expert and the founder of The Resilient Retail Club. She is a forbes.com contributor, a judge of the Good Retail Awards, and on the editorial board of Modern Retail. She recently published her first book, Tame Your Tiger - how to stop your product business eating you alive.

Catherine was also voted a top sales adviser in the UK by Enterprise Nation, and named one of the top 25 retail influencers in the UK. She is passionate about how business can be a force for good and was awarded the 2022 Charity Champion of the Year by Work For Good.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover the key tasks and preparations essential for the final quarter of the year

  • Understand sales fluctuations and how to achieve consistency

  • Learn how to connect with your ideal customers and the ultimate sales booster

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Catherine Erdly
Catherine ErdlyThe Resilient Retail Club
When someone tells you “oh wow, things must be going SO well in your business” – does a part of you wish they knew how lost you sometimes feel? I know how hard you work, how badly you want to succeed, how much you believe in the potential of your business, and how much progress you’ve already made. But at some point – between juggling orders, suppliers and the relentless need to keep up on social media, you’ve begun to feel overwhelmed. And financially, you may be wondering when you’ll get the chance to pay yourself a decent salary or hire in enough help. My name is Catherine Erdly and I have over 20 years experience working with product businesses of all sizes from high street names (such as Laura Ashley, Coast and Paperchase), all the way down to brand new businesses with just a handful of customers. I have helped these businesses get more organised and make more money.   Now I want to help you do the same so that you feel clearer, re-energised and confident enough to take your business to the next level.   If you’ve been looking for some help with your business, and you’d like a trusted expert to work with you to: - Outline what your options are to make your business a success long term - Make the most of your time - Manage your money - Support you with a new project – like a pop-up shop or wholesale - Give you the confidence to grow as a founder and business owner   Then get in touch now, and let’s talk.

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