Lunch and Learn: How to get your ads producing revenue

Posted: Wed 5th Jun 2024

Are you struggling to maximise the potential of your Meta Ads?

In this Lunch and Learn, Justin Brenner shares some advanced methods to drive more incremental sales for your business. From high-level strategy to bidding approaches, ad tactics, leveraging audiences and creative and pixel/data enhancement, he will help you identify potential problems and set your Meta campaigns up for success.

Justin is a father, entrepreneur and COO of AdLeaks, the largest digital marketing community in the world. He is known for his proven strategies and tactics for scaling many global brands profitably to 10+ figures using an omnichannel approach. Now sharing those secrets, he helps others grow their brands through proven omnichannel marketing strategies.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover the ad methods for scaling your campaigns and how to push data back into Meta for enhanced targeting and match rates

  • Find out the why and how of Meta manual bidding

  • Learn how to leverage audiences and creativity for growth

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