Lunch and Learn: How to create, fund and launch your software start-up

Stuart Prestedge
Stuart PrestedgePrestedge Enterprises

Posted: Mon 26th Feb 2024

Have you ever wondered how to turn your brilliant idea into a real product and, who knows, maybe even secure some funding for it?

In this Lunch and Learn, Stuart Prestedge simplifies the process into easy-to-follow steps. He unveils why doing things step by step is the key to avoiding hassles, saving time and steering clear of unnecessary risks and expenses.

Stuart has been creating his own award-winning software start-ups and products for over 35 years. With 22 products, eight start-ups and three exits, he now helps other founders get started, funded and launched. He does this by advising and mentoring in areas of business and technology.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn why doing things in the right order can save you from issues, headaches and even save time, money and risks

  • Discover how having the right guidance allows you to delay some things, giving you more options and increasing your chances of success while managing costs and risks

  • Get practical tips that will kickstart your journey

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Stuart Prestedge
Stuart PrestedgePrestedge Enterprises
I've been founder & CTO for over 35 years with of 8 of my own software startups with 22 products and 3 exits (8-figures). I now advise, mentor & coach other founders around the world (both technical & non-technical) to help them get started, get funded, get launched and beyond. One of my own startups had 11 million users and I helped one of my clients exit for 7 figures, I help in strategic & practical areas both business & technical (e.g. market research, team building, funding, requirements, managing the design, build, test, handover & launch process). I also help with mindset & personal skills (e.g. leadership & communications). Creating a software startup is hard! If you're worried or frustrated that you don't know where to start or that you're not getting everything right and that getting things wrong will cost you time and money (or worse, might it risk your startup launching) then speak to me. If you're unsure or worried about market research, product-market-fit, getting funding, choosing a co-founder, choosing a development team or anything else. If you're feeling lonely and thinking of giving up. I can help! When I started out, I struggled with a lot of the frustrations that you might be having now - I've been there and know how daunting it can be and what you are feeling. I spent years working this out and now I help founders like you to achieve success - so there's no need to worry any more! I've created multi-award-winning software and startups and been in the Deloitte UK Fast 50 and European Fast 500. Over the last several years, I’ve helped many founders like you to navigate the minefield of the software startup landscape. Some of these founders have achieved their own successful exits. Experiencing any of the following? - Don’t know how to get started creating your dream software so you can be your own boss, have the potential to be financially independent and possibly make the world a better place? - Worried about whether you’re doing everything you need to or if you’re doing everything right? - Unsure if you're paying too much to have your software developed or if it's taking too long? - Don’t have visibility or control of the design, test & build of your software? I will help you: - Get started - Move forward - Overcome hurdles & worries - Know what to do & how to do it right - Ensure the cost, time & quality of your software product - Gain control of the software development - Ensure development provider accountability What's the next step? Book a free initial consultation with me and I’ll give you immediate guidance and we’ll discuss how I can help moving forward.

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