Lunch and Learn: How to find and use keywords for a small business website

Gill Wilson
Gill WilsonButtered Host

Posted: Wed 30th Aug 2023

In this Lunch and Learn, SEO expert Gill Wilson explores the power of keywords.

She explains why keywords matter for getting noticed online, shares free tools that will help you find the best keywords for your content, and shows you how to use them effectively for better online results.

Gill has been making websites since the 1990s and has worked for a range of commercial, educational and third-sector companies over the years.

She now leads a web design and maintenance company in Glasgow called Buttered Host. It provides websites and maintenance packages that help its clients gain new leads and sales. Her clients have reported increased customer engagement and sales through their Buttered Host websites, and many have expanded as a result.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover why keywords are important

  • Learn how to find your keywords using some free tools

  • Find out what to do with the keywords once you have them

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Gill Wilson
Gill WilsonButtered Host
I have been in the Web Development industry for over 20 years and have helped Charities, Universities and Commercial organisations to improve their online presence by crafting their digital strategy and powerful, customer attracting websites. I absolutely love demystifying tech-talk and helping my clients understand what is actually going on rather than bamboozling them with technical gibberish. I am a Mentor with both the Help to Grow scheme and Digital Boost Scheme and love to help you grow your business from a digital perspective. We are currently offering a Digital Analysis Report for your business, which you can take to any company with the confidence you know what you need. We charge for this, but if you then use our services you will receive a discount. I really believe making a website should be fun for all involved so when a client says to me that they will miss our chats and that they really enjoyed the process, I feel I have done my job well. I have been giving talks to, and mentoring, small businesses on their digital strategy for several years now, and love to see businesses grow and flourish. Buttered Host was formed in 2018 and it became a family business when my daughter, Isla joined in 2020. Isla has over a decade experience in sales, marketing and customer service to the highest possible standard, and I am so thankful that she has joined me in creating a great business.

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