Lunch and Learn: How to build a strong entrepreneurial identity

Polly Lu
Polly LuPolly Lu Ltd

Posted: Thu 14th Mar 2024

Are you trying to grow your new identity as a successful entrepreneur to achieve your dreams?

In this Lunch and Learn, Polly Lu shares her learnings in shifting your identity from employee to entrepreneur, as well as practical steps that you can take to help build your new identity right away.

Polly is a qualified career coach, focusing on toxic job recovery. She has been supporting her clients to make an identity shift from an employee in a toxic job environment to an aspiring entrepreneur. She also focuses on internal belief, identity shaping and long-term behaviour change.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover how to build your successful self-image as an entrepreneur

  • Find out how to set a clear goal and develop a strong faith to achieve unseen results

  • Learn how to turn self-doubt into self-determination and make a positive influence on others

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Polly Lu
Polly LuPolly Lu Ltd
I help aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurers to: 1. Establish and strengthen their new identity as a business owner. 2. Transfer their fear into faith in their vision and ambition. 3. Move their feet into action and delivery with consistency and determination. 4. Shift their goal setting from what they believe they can do to what they can truly do. 5. Build their business to fulfill their lives with wealth, happiness and health.

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