Lunch and Learn: How to avoid mistakes when attracting high-end clients

Elizabeth SolaruLuxury Business Emporium

Posted: Thu 25th Apr 2024

In this Lunch and Learn, Elizabeth Solaru reveals the 10 most common mistakes business owners make when targeting affluent customers. From ineffective marketing strategies to inadequate customer experiences, she uncovers the pitfalls that keep businesses from succeeding in the luxury market.

Elizabeth is a business coach, speaker and the founder of the Diversity in Luxury Awards. She has appeared on BBC1, the Good Food Channel, Channel 4, BBC Radio and Sky Living as a luxury expert. Author of the best-selling artisan cake book, Opulencia, Elizabeth is currently working on her latest book Luxpreneur.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Identify and overcome the common misconceptions and missteps that prevent businesses from effectively attracting high-end clients

  • Learn proven strategies to align your brand, offerings and customer experience with the expectations and preferences of affluent consumers

  • Gain actionable insights and practical tips to refine your marketing, sales and service approaches to successfully target and retain high-end clients

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Elizabeth SolaruLuxury Business Emporium
Elizabeth Solaru is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster. Elizabeth has appeared on BBC1, the Good Food Channel, Channel 4, BBC Radio and Sky Living as a luxury business expert. A renowned and engaging international speaker and industry judge, she travels the globe speaking to women in business, wedding industry professionals and other entrepreneurial groups. She has spoken in over 10 countries at companies such as JP Morgan, Ernst and Young, Guarantee Trust Bank, WEDx Italia, Inner Circle Experience, the Cabinet Office, Oxford Said Business School and her work has also taken her to Number 10 Downing Street.  She presents on a number of topics ranging from her own inspirational creative journey from Microbiologist and Headhunter to luxury cake maker to the most affluent. Author of best-selling artisan cake book OPULENCIA, she worked with FENDI on the opening of what was described as the coolest cafe in the world, the Fendi Caffe in Harrods. She judged The  Championnat de France de Cake Design, the French cake championships and for the last three years, has judged the Italian Wedding Awards.  In demand as a luxury business expert, Elizabeth has also appeared as a talking head on Sky Living, Who'd Be a Billionaire and on Channel 5's When TV Cooking Goes Horribly Wrong.  Her work has appeared in films such as My Best Friend's Wedding by Sony Columbia Pictures. She has been named as one of the world's Masterful 100, a select list of the most excellent and masterful luxury experts and brands in their field alongside brands such as Rolls Royce, Cartier and Christofle. Elizabeth brings a unique blend of insights to the stage. With a deep understanding of luxury client archetypes and effective luxury selling techniques, Elizabeth offers actionable strategies for brands aiming to captivate modern audiences. �� As a speaker, Elizabeth covers: ✨ Decoding Gen Zs Consumer Behaviour ✨ Crafting Compelling Luxury Narratives ✨ Navigating Diverse Luxury Client Archetypes ✨ Enhancing Luxury Sales Approaches Elevate your events with Elizabeth's engaging presentations, where luxury sophistication meets the pulse of Gen Z innovation. Discover how to tap into new markets and resonate with emerging consumer mindsets.

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