Lunch and Learn: Grow your social media presence in 2024

Amy Atkinson
Amy AtkinsonThe Crowd Converters Limited

Posted: Mon 20th Nov 2023

Have you spent 2023 with the nagging feeling that you should be more active on social media, only to get sidetracked and postpone your posts to an elusive 'tomorrow'?

Perhaps you've made efforts to engage with your audience but the results have been disheartening or non-existent, leaving you frustrated with the perceived time sink.

In this Lunch and Learn, Amy Atkinson shares a focused and attainable social media strategy that won't demand a radical overhaul of your routine. She crafts a plan that's easy to follow and won't disrupt your workflow.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover how to create a social media plan for 2024

  • Find out what works for your business

  • Remove the frustration and overwhelm of social media – it’s easier than you think!

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Amy Atkinson
Amy AtkinsonThe Crowd Converters Limited
I currently own and operate two different successful businesses, both online. The no.1 thing I learnt in building these businesses and working in big corporates is: there is a LOT to learn. And you constantly have to change and evolve to be successful with your marketing. From setting up your website, to acquiring your first customer, to developing consistent branding, to running ads … the list goes on and on. This is why it helps to have an expert in your corner who does all the new learning for you so you can just use them as your go to and source of all knowledge. I’m so excited to share all I know in digital and social media marketing, just to save you a whole lot of time! It’s my hope that by sharing all my digital marketing skills, you’ll have more time to do the other things in your business you love but also more time to actually enjoy your life and to stop feeling frustrated with your lack of results in your business.

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